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Dead Cross: "Dead Cross" (Album) - Mini Review!! (August 2017)

Out this week is the NEWDead Cross self titled Album! It runs at 28 Mins (Approx) and is crazy and heck! Imagine Slayer meets Fantomas and you've got that winning sound of Drummer, Dave Lombardo and busy Vocalist, Mike Patton! The LP/Album is Heavy, Fast and got such an Attitude - it takes NO prisoners at all in it's ballsy Thrash/Punk-like Shredding from somewhere unearthly!!

One may find a few videos online from the band, but be WARNED... NOT for the Faint Heart-ed!! That sums up this album and personalities in this super-group!!


"Dead Cross emerged out of a series of impractical schemes, fallen-through plans, and last-minute musical experimentation. Shows were scheduled before a single song was written, fans were formed before even one show was played. The chaos of its creation seems apt; after all, the band is comprised entirely of artists who have thrived playing tightly-coiled turmoil—intelligent dissonance disguised as disorder. Cons…