Sunday, 23 July 2017

Review: Robocop (1987) (July 2017)

Robocop (1987) - The Future of Law Enforcement.
The sci-fi/action shoot-em-up film, Robocop (1987) celebrates 30 years in 2017. This was always a classic from in the day. My family would rent the VHS from the video shop and the film was repeated on TV, but in a cut form due to Censorship.

Robocop stars Peter Weller as the ill-fated Murphy, who is shot up by bad gangster guys, only to be bought back to life as a walking, thinking machine on the side of the Law in future America. The film also stars Nancy Allen as Murphy's partner.

The characters are memorable and the action is bloody and violent. The film uses practical effects and stop-motion on the likes of ED-209: a killer machine armed with machine guns that goes AWOL!

RC is filled with mock adverts and is great story telling, if not a little violent in it's approach. It has an emotional side too, when it comes to the deceased Murphy Frankenstein Creature and the love his moved-on family he left behind. The ONLY answer is REVENGE on those that did him wrong and killed him on police duty!!

Robocop 2 & 3 followed as well as a spin-off LIVE ACTION tv series and cartoon. The film was re-imagined in Robocop (2014) - a lack-luster reboot attempt for Hollywood.

There is a Director's Cut on DVD and Blu-Ray

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