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Interview: John WT on "Gore Feast" (Indiegogo) (Horror) (March 2017)

After making a number of twisted, but funny shorts, Film-maker John WT is ready to make an ambitious feature in Gore Feast! His previous short, The Unknown Serial Killer, (Review, HERE!) was once shown at the Mayhem Film Festival in Nottingham. There is also an Indiegogo Campaign, too!!
Tell me a bit about Gore Feast?
Gore Feast is going to be the most extreme anthology ever. It is about twisted lives. We are looking to shoot Gore Feast during the summer and autumn of this year. Hopefully Gore Feast will premiere just before Halloween at Mayhem Film Festival 2018. I feel this will be a fitting premiere as my first short The Unknown Serial Killer premiered at Mayhem Film Festival ten years previously in October 2008. Mayhem Film Festival has also supported and screened a number of low budget features from British Directors including Colin and Monsters.
Tell me a bit about the Indiegogo?
The indiegogo campaign is going live on Tuesday March 28th at 1am and is to fund Gore Feast. We are l…

Review: Zombie Lake (1981) - Directed by Jean Rollin & Julian de Laserna (March 2017)

Zombie Lake (1981) is an interesting little schlock horror film - directed by Jean Rollin and Julian de Laserna (Uncredited). It's a french zombie horror film in-which soldiers from the war are shot up by the enemy and dumped in a mysterious lake where they rise up many years late as the ghoulish undead! It's that simple! Throw in some female nudity and low-budget bloody effects and you have Zombie Lake!

It's fun, it is low budget, and it never really drags on too long if you love a good little horror film with cheesy effects. An example is that the "zombies" are painted green for low cost, it seemed! The odd zombie might have had a bit more time spent on them, instead of others in the make-up department, though.

On with more of the plot, though... a young girl's dad happens to be one of the zombies in the film. She has no fear and is the one who has to lead the ghouls off to their end-of-film demise! She lures them in with the demands of the french town vill…

Review: Kong: Skull Island (2017) - Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts (March 2017)

Set in the Vietnam War era in the 1970's, Kong: Skull Island (2017) is a giant monster mash! Some critics have been harsh with plot holes and lack of story, but I enjoyed the return of KONG!! The story goes that Monarch (see Godzilla [2014]) are off to see and uncharted island with the military, a crew and a reporter! The island is covered by a thick storm in-which our heroes and villains of the film have to fly through to get onto Skull Island.

Soon and in no time, the crew are met by the mighty supped-up famous Kong ape as they drop bomb chargers on the island to the upset giant monster! Some of the military are killed which sets up a sub-plot in-which vengeful military leaser, Samuel Jackson wants revenge on Kong for killing his men! Also, on Skull Island, John C Riley has been there since fighting in an earlier war in the 40's. He is now a leader and mentor to a mysterious tribe of people which worship Kong - who is out to really protect the island from other monsters, kn…

Salient Minus Ten (T-Shirt) by Smart-FX (March 2017)

I obtained an Salient Minus Ten T-shirt through the Indiegogo run by film-maker, Emma Dark this year! It happens to be her latest film, too! The film, SMT also features and stars Alan Austen. Also, check out: Smart-FX for other quality printing merchandise! Also, check out below another T-Shirt Product feature Emma Dark as a bloodyVampire Image Print.

Review: King Kong (1933) - Directed by Merian C. Cooper & Ernest B. Schoedsack! (March 2017)

The black and white classic Monster Film in King Kong (1933) was released during the great depression in Hollywood. The film was a GIANT HIT thanks to ground-breaking stop-motion effects by Willis O'Brien. Many classic giant monster films would follow in Godzilla (1954) (which used suit-motion) and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms (1953) - which also used stop-motion effects. Kong 1933 is considered the Grandfather of them all, though!

The story of Kong features an actress named Ann (played by Fay Wray) from New York. She meets a film-maker who sets sail on a ship with it's crew to uncharted Skull Island! The native people on the island decide to kidnap her and attempt to sacrifice her to an island god-monster in King Kong! He appears from out the jungle and carries her away, leaving the ship's crew to rescue her and the film-maker continues to film his epic documentary about the mysterious island of doom!

Kong is soon captured later in the film and bought back to New York to…

News: My Bloody Banjo (2017) - Directed by Liam Regan... NOW ONLINE via TROMA! (March 2017)

Sadly, when CENSORSHIP hits film makers like Liam Regan... It HITS HARD! Amazon video has out-lawed scenes of violence and nudity, or even applied nudity from it's popular product website. This includes the Comedy/Horror: My Bloody Banjo (2017).

Bad News, but there is hope as TROMA has inquired the schlock film, HERE!

Trailer: Invasion of the Not Quite Dead - Directed by AD Lane... Launches!! (March 2017)

It's been a long ten years for film-maker AD Lane! His epic sounding B-Movie influenced horror film: Invasion of the Not Quite Dead (Coming Very Soon) is gaining steam, again and is coming! There is new publicity and interest in the Project backed by many!
The Trailer can be seen on Vimeo, HERE. The updated Indiegogo Campaign can be see, HERE. Good Luck, Mr Lane.

Review: King Kong (2005) - Directed by Peter Jackson (March 2017)

Peter Jackson's long, epic Hollywood remake in King Kong (2005) follows in the line of his Lord of the Rings (2001) films. They are long, about three hours long and are a CGI spectacle. Younger audiences might like this  sort of thing, but in 2005, CGI in Hollywood was getting more advance and is a BIG part of story-telling with massive budgets!!
King Kong (2005) follows the story of King Kong (1933) in a faithful remake mold which is set in 1933 - a period piece! Naomi Watts plays Ann Darrow, an actress (from New York) taken on a sailing voyage with promise of fame and stardom by Jack Black - who plays Carl Denham, a film-maker. The ship goes to far-off Skull Island in-which island natives capture Ann for a sacrifice to their island God, King Kong. This leaves the ship's crew and heroes to face danger and giant monster dinosaurs and creatures to try and rescue her from certain doom. However, Kong - a thinking animal and loyal gentle giant - has fallen in love with Ann and is p…

Review: The Unknown Serial Killer (2008) - Directed by John WT (March 2017)

Golden oldie, short film review time in The Unknown Serial Killer (2008) starring Bert Chas and directed/written by John WT of Nottingham. This short film also went to be shown at Mayhem Film Festival in the same year.

A masked, serial killer dreams of being famous, but is stuck on the dole in real life! This seral killer doesn't have much luck known as the Unknown Serial Killer influenced by peers!!
TUSK has a sense of humor and so does director John WT when it comes to serial killers! It was shot in a small flat and is a little grainy, but a bit of fun for what it was shot on. Dark Comedy, indeed!