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Support Indie Film: Passenger - The Movie (September 2016)

Passenger - The Movie is a new up and coming crowd-funded film from director Shad Haque and Producer Eddie Ferrero. It's edgy and it's Retro-style! A throw-back to the 80's, indeed. Below is the Indiegogo and a video in which I got to Interview Ferrero @ lovely Broadway Cinema in Nottingham.

Music: Chuck Mosley - Live @ Nottingham Rescue Rooms (September 2016)

Nottingham's Rescue Rooms was the setting...Chuck Mosley was on stage that evening! Before the gig and the support band started, I bumped into Mosley (former Faith No More/Bad Brains Singer) just at the bar where I offered him a drink. He was saying that he had a bad back from years back and was haunting him that night. Chuck was a great guy, he signed CDs and spoke for a while before the gig.
The gig was an acoustic set, I missed the support band, but they sounded in the same kind of vain. Back to CM, he was onstage with his percussionist, Doug - who also helps run his Twitter Account. There were interpretations of classic Faith No More like Faster Disco and even a Mike Patton-era tune in Take This Bottle.
I really enjoyed this show and gig, Mr Mosley was using his acoustic guitar, whilst Doug kept the beats going. Guitar effects were used too which gave Mosley some creative freedom to play about, too with distortion and voice effects.

Music: Mr President (Special Edition) by The Haunted Guy (September 2016)

Mr President (Special Edition) is a new track by The Haunted Guy. It uses samples from an up-coming USA President in an epic-sounding musical twist. Please, check it out and support THG aka Andy Soar. Soar has also helped design Poster Art for numerous Indie Films like: Grand Macabre (2016). It can also be found on Itunes and Soundcloud. The Youtube video track is below.

A Tribute to Debra Lamb (Actress & Producer) (September 2016)

I first became friends on social media with Debra Lamb about five years ago. When I did my research, she had all ready made a name for herself in Music Videos and in the Horror Genre. Having starred in 80's schlock horror like Beverly Hills Vamp and The Invisible Maniac - Review, Here, MissDebra Lamb was all ready a Scream Queen Legend in my eyes! As I dug a little deeper, she had also been featured in a number of short films and had worked with director, Joe Hollow.
Debra is also an animal lover and a humane supporter. She is friends with the likes of Linnea Quigley and Brinke Stevens - two more Legendary Queen Screamers!  As a Producer and Actress, Lamb in the film said that Nudity never bothered her, but turned down roles for being just a "body". She is also a Vegan and attended High School with actor, Rob Lowe.

Debra Lamb is a dancer. She enjoys it so much that her skills have been featured in numerous music videos from the early 90's as mentioned earlier.

Also, w…

Happy Belated Birthday: MrSheltonTV (September 2016)

September, 2nd 2016 - MrSheltonTV turned the BIG 37 in Nottingham. He met up with his friend "Merl" and company in Town! Later that evening, he spent the night @ Tap N Tumbler - Rock Pub and headed home feeling jolly. The following Monday evening, he returned to Broadway Cinema with his friend, Ward then finished up again, in the Tap. Happy Belated Birthday to: MrSheltonTV. Many Happy Returns!!