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WASTELAND by Tom Wadlow - On Demand Online (August 2016)

Watch Wasteland, HERE- you can RENT or BUY! Wastelandis a Zombie/Drama Film from Tom Wadlow starring Jessica Messenger.

Interview: Emma Dark - Director of "Salient Minus Ten" (August 2016)

Salient Minus Ten is the latest short film Fantasy, Sci-FiHorror from Film-maker, Emma Dark. The film stars Emma DarkDean Sills, Chris Hampshire and Beric Read. The Indiegogo is now Live until September 2016: HERE - please check out the official facebook pageandtwitter. Music to be composed by Seize the Night'sEric Elick.
Please, tell me a bit (a taster) of what is Salient Minus Ten? Well it’s a Science Fiction Horror short film, and to be fair it will actually have more horror elements than my previous film ‘Seize the Night’, so don’t get too upset about the Sci-Fi part :-).  I guess you could describe it as a dark and disturbing Sci-Fi, perhaps not as disturbing as something like Event Horizon, and it’s not set in space either (my budget doesn’t extend to space craft sets unfortunately), but I think Horror fans will be suitably pleased by it.
The synopsis reads: “Adam Harper is an average man. And on an average day he suddenly finds himself catapulted into the strangest, reality…

Article: How to film when you have ZERO BUDGET!! (Film Advice by Georgy Ragazza) (August 2016)

(Georgina Ragazza is the co-creator and producer of Fragments of Fear, a 26-episode horror web series which premieres on YouTube in October 2016.)
On February 1st 2014 we began the first shoot for Fragments of Fear in an old barn building stuck in the middle of a field in the pouring rain. We had a pile of scripts, a handful of actors and crew, and a passion. We wanted to make a TV show.

Three years later we’re doing the final shoots and edits, and there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Along the way we’ve experienced walkouts, disappearances, network collapses, and one death. And throughout all of this, we haven’t spent a single penny. You too may have a dream and a gem of an idea, and you think you have to scale the heights of a Dynasty style mini-series, complete with elaborate wardrobe and billion-dollar budget. I’m here to tell you to think British, and go the rather more pragmatic DIY, Heath Robinson route. It isn’t an easy one, and there will be times when you feel like giv…

Review: Life Is Cheap!! Directed by Kurt Dirt (August 2016)

Kurt Dirt is a colorful guy! He has a love for all things Troma-like and Trash Cinema. It shows in his Experimental, Exploitation53 minute short film: Life Is Cheap. I first met Dirt with Liam Regan at Horror Con 2015 - they both signed stuff for me and it felt an honor. Regan was promoting Banjo (2016) and Kurt Dirt was a real cool guy to speak to, too.
Onto the Film.. "Joeby Cleftico is living the dream scrubbing urinals and unblocking toilets, untill that is he is caught taking his work home with him...literally! now unemployed he must face up to the wrath of his long suffering mother Babs, their monstrous incest born offspring "Bubbles" and to make matters worse his mother's psychotic chainsaw wielding ex prison girlfriend is on the loose!!"
The film is shot on Hi8 video and makes use of home made SFX, Jet black humor and a colorful cast of characters this "Metallic K.O of a splatter film" will appeal to fans of John Waters, Troma & HG Lewis. …

Interview: Aaron Lewis Price (Actor & Cosplayer) (August 2016)

How long have you been Cosplaying as Genral Zod/How did it start out? I first got into cosplaying as General Zod back in 2014, when I went to my first Comic Con to meet the awesome and my friend Sarah Douglas, who played Ursa in the original Superman films; At the time I made my own costume which consisted of a black karate jump suit, boot coverings and duct tape to look like Zod’s uniform, I now own a professionally made more stream line version of the costume. 
Since then I have attended numerous comic cons and even acted and portrayed Zod live on stage at one of the big York con’s in 2015. I haven’t done any con’s this year but in 2017 I may have plans to attend some.
Tell me a bit about yourself as an actor? I have always had a keen interest in acting, but it wasn’t until 2006, when I lived in Spain for 6 years, that I would really start to feel this was what I wanted to do with my life. At the time I bought a video camcorder and began to re-enactment famous scenes from different f…

INTERVIEW: Richard Carter (Actor/Body Builder) (August 2016)

I first met Richard Carter through social networking and went to December's Camden Film Fair with him in 2015 - See, HERE. He is a bodybuilder and actor. Please, see his facebook page, too.
Tell me a bit about Shooter's Hill? Shooters Hill still in preparation production. It tells the story of Jackson Lynch. After leaving Shooters Hill at a young age returns later in life to see his dying mother. Jackson's brother is also destroying the family criminal business due to illness health of his mother. Jackson who is highly intelligent and one step ahead of everyone even the police. Jackson's past in London starts to haunt him... the things he left behind. He left Leeds with similar problems to return to a clean slate. Jackson becomes psychotic, an emotional wreck, mentally disturbed and a unstoppable force in London so underworld.
How long have you been Body-Building? I've been competitive  bodybuilding for 3 years but weight training on and off for years. I've been…