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SHORT FILM: Addiction by John H Shelton (June 2016)

Following my real-life journey to give up smoking comes, Addiction (2016). It was created and directed by John H Shelton. He is determined to kick the habit like in the short! It gives hope and strength to everybody trying to kick addiction to the floor!

Addiction, Addiction... Go Away!! You’ve led me a-stray! Next time I see you, I want you through! Go away Demon, Get lost, too! You have hurt and hurt me! But you won’t break, forsake me! I know what you want! You nasty, stealing C*nt! Get away from me, let me breath! Leave those alone for all that I need! I am stronger than you... I am one! My soul is mine, not to you! Please, give me the strength, to stand, not bleed! Please, God... lead me through the heed! I am one, I am strong! You won’t beat me, for I am your God! You’re not my friend, not any more! Give me strength, so I can clean the floor!

Looking Forward... And Beyond!! (June 2016)

It's time to shine, people! Look forward, ahead and NOT back on the past with shame. The future is yet unwritten, but only you can write it! It's your book, your life, so be easy on yourself and think Positive in the light of situations. Time does heal and you only have one life... so use it to your advantage!

Remembering Micheal Jackson (1958 - 2009) (June 2016)

On June, 25th 2009 the Legendary singer that was Micheal Jackson passed away. Today is that anniversary of his death. Jackson was a troubled figure who had the talent to sell millions of records in his life time. He is still respected today and still as controversial. His fans still love and respect his efforts to the Music Industry with albums like Off The Wall and Bad. I grew up listening to Jackson and watching the motion picture, Moonwalker (1988). I believe that MJ's message to the world was peace and love and understanding... something we could all do with right now, sometimes!

I'm not here to debate the stars' life style or problems when he was alive, but just a remembrance in it self. We only get one life, so use it wisely. If you have talent, show it! If you can love and be loved... Love! Peace.

WE left the EU? Bayden Redshaw Interview! My Dvd Collection! (June 2016)

So we left the EU, the country is up in arms today! I'm trying to stop smoking, but I have continued my videos. Above, you'll see an Interview with my friend, Bayden Redshaw - a film-maker and new Journalist on the scene. Please, show him some love!
Also, check below for a tour of myDvd and Collectible room video. Stay strong people, it's a bumpy ride, but stay Positive for yourself and Loved Ones... Peace!!

Please... Support Indie Film!! (June 2016)

It's important to be passionate as human beings in this one life that we have! I choose to Support Indie Film if I'm ever to do a full film myself, in future! It's about trust and having to be brave enough to come forward and help others... you don't have to give it your all (as in money) online, just a bit, a little or even a friendly acknowledgement tweet or share on social media. Promotion is also important, too. If you can help another, then do so... please!!

SHORT FILM: Unsung Hero by John H Shelton (June 2016)

I describe this little short 2 minute film edit as, "A personal experience for me and others around me, not to be weak or fragile, giving hope to yourself and others around you, despite backed against the wall in a grey world...". This was filmed by John H Shelton this month with a Voice-Over by Matt Jordan of EMZT Radio in America. We went for a Henry Rollins-style poetry approach.
You say that I'm the devil, a disgrace! You say that evil, has a two face. The colors are shown, a back stabbing hatch But, without you I can't breathe
Time does heel, I do not hate Cos Sometimes, life is a cruel fate Heed the words, the words of the wise Cos sometimes, I can't breathe
Smothered in hate and self doubt Sometimes the over bearing loud mouths That one day, I will find my ground Under the grind, been here before Stop your hating Pick your jaw of the floor
Another day dawns by, the moon sets Without you I can't breathe But one day, you will cross seas Only to know that you a…

TRAILER: The Clown Cometh (Horror) (June 2016)

Here it is folks, the first trailer for The Clown Cometh... I hope you don't lose your mind! A man's sanity is tested through his fear of Clowns. Are they real? Or just in his head? Directed and edited by John H Shelton aka MrSheltonTV.
"As a young man, I see nothing but fear. A painted grin, make up and fake tears. The circus rolls in, I leave with my hopes high, that getting away from those crazy ties. Big red noses, of crimson colored roses, I close my eyes! They hear my cries. My fear of them, they play with the time, that I ran from them, to cry is a crime!"
"In the darkness they wait for me, they smell my fear, Every time I run from them, they're always too near. They hide in my closet and in shadows under my bed, If I close my eyes too long,  I'm sure I'll be dead. Clowns that are ghosts,  clowns that are live, Only if I'm careful, will I survive."