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Interview: Kaz B (Actress, Model & Horror Fan) (May 2016)

Kaz B talks with me about all things horror and acting! She has always been a horror fan and has delved into the acting world in films like Zombie Driftwood (2010) and Blood Curse (Coming Soon).
What age did you start watching Horror?
I think I was probably about 7 or 8 and the first horror movie I remember was poltergeist. My Dad was really cool and would let me watch scary films with him. Okay, so to this day I still sleep with the light on if I am on my own but I think it has given me a more creative imagination as well as making me more emotive.

Tell me about some of your acting roles?
I love horror or anything dark and menacing especially! I loved working on Zombie Driftwood as it was more of a comedy with a light hearted feel - but with plenty of Zombies! I've also enjoyed shooting horror with Directors Jason Impey and Kasper Lewis. In the past I've played a nymphomaniac Zombie, Lady Montague (Romeo and Juliette) someone with mental health issues, a screwed up lap dancer a…

NEWS: Gareth Edwards (Director) Leaves Delayed Godzilla 2 (May 2016)

This month saw some Important Godzilla 2 updates - first off, the original release date has been moved from 2018, to 2019. Secondly, Original Godzilla (2014) Director, Gareth Edwards has pulled out of directing the franchise sequel! Edwards next film is the Star Wars prequel film: Rouge One - due the end of 2016. Good Luck, Gareth Edwards...

BREAKING NEWS: The Return of Godzilla (1984) - Coming to Blu-Ray/Dvd In September! (May 2016)

It's been a long time coming with false starts and rumors! However, September 13th - 2016 will finally see the North American Blu-Ray/Dvd release of The Return of Godzilla (1984). A Japanese Kaiju film which helped bring in the Heisei series of the BIG G - See, HERE. Kraken Releasing currently hold the Copyright to the film.

Sci-fi Japan has the Exclusive, HERE.

Interview: Atlanta Johnson (Actress) (May 2016)

Atlanta Johnson is an actress and model from London. Her roles include Carnivore - The Movie - which is in Production. She is a huge Wonder Woman fan and idolizes the super heroine character and is an advocate for Women in Film. I first met AJ at a Women in Horror Event in London.
Hi, Atlanta, please tell me a bit about yourself as an actress and model?
Hello! Yes, of course. I started mainly exploring theatre and physical theatre along with dance which I had been doing since I was about 5. Honestly, I thought that I would be a theatre kind of actress and then maybe further down the line would be able to fulfil being involved in film. As long as I am acting, I am happy. As I came to the end of studies, I decided to find auditions and was cast in theatre roles and from there I was getting positive feedback and pro-actively networked with those who were filmmakers. It was crazy. I literally went from there and haven't stopped working hard since! I am very committed and dedicated to t…

Review: Label - Short Film (by Jaschar L Marktanner) (May 2016)

This is a gritty, moody little short film from Germany by Jaschar L Marktanner. Label (2014) aka Aufdruck is just that. Plot:"Two young women in their twenties sit in a café and sip coffee out of way too small cups while smoking an unhealthy amount of cigarettes and talking about everything under the sun and beyond, like aliens.".
I can relate to this short effort as I like to sit around in a cosy little cafe with friends and just forget about the world outside! Talking is an important communication with friends and I can see that the two young women in Label have got the world to share with one another. It's shot in glorious Black & White with a somber piano soundtrack.
A stylish, cheeky attempt at socialism as we are the flies on the wall watching the two women talk about life. It's just really well done. Nice little twist at the end, too.
Warning: Contains swearing and excessive smoking! It even comes with a Health Warning! Good stuff if you want to watch some…

Review: Banjo (Directed by Liam Regan) (May 2016)

Banjo is a feature length twisted comedy feature from Liam Regan. It was originally a short film and has now gained a cult following in the last 18 months of festival showings running 82 minutes. What made me laugh about Banjo is that it was based on a personal experience by Regan which plays as a running joke. The lead charter is named after Billy in Gremlins (1984) surname with other in jokes to boot. I felt that I got the references to Regan's film and that was an enjoyable thing to see. Ronnie (The Imaginary Friend) was kinda based on Funny Man (1994) and has hints of Drop Dead Fred (1991). People I saw the film with, also praised the sound and music to Banjo. I have to agree with them credit due to all that worked on the film! Watch out, you might even see Liam Regan's mentor and hero, Lloyd Kaufman in there as a Cameo. It must have been a child-hood dream for Regan. Like I said, the whole film is twisted and should appeal to a cult horror crowd.

For the Banjo (Shor…