Friday, 11 March 2016

Review: Ganger (2016) - Directed by Liam Banks (March 2016)

Ganger (2016) - Directed by Liam Banks.
Things are about to get creepy in Liam Banks' Ganger (2016). This is a 4 minute short by director, Banks. It was shot in a day on a very low budget. Synopsis: "Hearing a strange noise, Helen heads to the attic, nothing could have prepared her for what she finds inside.". Starring Charlie Clarke, introducing George Miller.

Ganger features creepy green-lighting effects and sharp sound effects! It echoes some of his other eerie shorts like, The Final Girl. The creepy visuals give an unease-like feeling in claustrophobic hall-ways of the house in which it was shot. It features some nice creepy performances and displays family-like horror, but without a PG rating! The music was done by Edward Harvey - he also helps the tension. Nice and creepy, the tension is just like cutting thick air!

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