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The Last Revenant (Vampire Movie) (Funding) (December 2015)

The Last Revenantis a new Vampire movie from screen-writer Scott C. Sanford! Sanford had written Axe To Grind (2015) starring Scream Queens Debbie Rochon and Dani Thompson! Rochon and Thompson is set to return, too!
Further Details:
Dear Potential Investors: As a follow up movie to our AXE TO GRIND, Seraph Productions is in development on an erotically charged female vampire project entitled THE LAST REVENANTS. Famed director Jim Wynorski is slated to direct this micro-budgeted horror drama that has worldwide distribution already in place.
Jim and I, along with my production partners, have painstakingly searched for the most incredibly sexy and talented actresses from Los Angeles and around the world to populate the cast of this project.
Following the formula used on AXE TO GRIND of cutting costs on locations and using an experienced film crew that has worked together multiple times, we will be able to complete filming and post production for less than $50,000. One sale to a cable TV outle…

Review: Mystics in Bali (1981) (December 2015)

A few weeks ago, I was at Merlyn Robert'sWorld Wide Weird screening of Mystics in Bali (1981). The film was new to me, but it was an experience! MIB is an Indonesian Horror flick from the very early 80's. The film is also known as Leak and it centres around a young village couple where the female lover of the two wants to get into Black Magic! The boyfriend introduces her to an evil witch in the woods who gives her more than she bargains for!!

It is a bizarre film with plenty of special effects and twisted, weird horror to keep the audience going for 90 minutes! I don't really want to give too much away as I watched this film not knowing what to expect, myself. My video review below will give more details, though.

I would recommend this film to the open-minded horror fan!! It is creative in it's weirdness and if you like old fashioned good vs evil-type films, then I would say to try Mystics in Bali (1981) - Cinemassacre had all ready reviewed this film as part of a ca…

RIP Lemmy from Motörhead (December 2015)

He was Rock and Roll's finest! Lemmy Kilmister was sadly diagnosed with aggressive cancer not long after his birthday shortly this month in December. Lemmy has passed away (1945 - 2015) - he was 70. Some of Heavy Metal/Rock royalty have all paid their respects through twitter and social media including Ozzy Osbourne, Queensryche, Judas Priest and many others offering nothing but sweet words about the former Hawkwind singer and bass-player.
Lemmy was also known for making appearances in Troma films and appeared in the film Airheads (1994). Kilmister was the up-front bassist/vocalist of Motörhead. His death came shortly after that of former band-mate, Phil "Philthy Animal" Taylor. RIP: Lemmy & Phil.

Music: Amazing "Silent Lucidity" Cover by Manydave666 (Youtube) (December 2015)

I love this cover of Queensryche's hit single, "Silent Lucidity". It was done in 2013 and features some double vocal harmonies, a full band and a family of choir on the chorus. I find it very magical and a nice rock ballad from 1990 to chill to at night! Well done to Manydave666 on Youtube, please check it out!

Tune in & Listen to: \m/ (December 2015)

Hi, guys, it's nice when friendly folks get in touch, so Check out So tune into James, Bubba and the lovely Alicia G (who is also promoted for her music).The radio station does play rock music and metal, but it also promotes the artists, too of all genres!! Alicia's music can also be found on: SoundcloudPF Radio on TwitterHERE.

Merry Christmas From: MrSheltonTV (December 2015)

It's Christmas, 2015 - I got dvds and blu rays! I hope you all had a good one, too. I bought my brother the latest Faith No Morevinyl: "Sol Invictus" and Wasteland (2015) on dvd. I also got my dad Santa's Little Ferrets dvd. Please, spare a thought for others too, family, loved ones and those with us or not!

Interview: Greenie O'Shivers (Emerald Gore Society) (December 2015)

Who or What influenced the design for Greenie? Greenie or Ervan, as his old given name is, came from an old Irish tale about a well-known local woman in Co.Clare called Bridget Ellen "Biddy"Early or Biddy Early as more commonly known. It was always pondered if she was a Wise Woman or a Witch. Stories of her I shall leave for people to look into or perhaps we will share them another day. But as to Greenie? Biddy was famous for having certain powers and gifts, some of these centered around a blue bottle she kept and treasured. There are many rumors around this bottle but Greenie himself seems to be the only one, well along with known story teller / Seanchaí Eddie Lenihan, that knows the truth. To that end the story goes that the green one was summoned to assist Biddy in her work in helping the people of county Clare with their troubles. His character is somewhat mischievous but funny and a little friendly. Somewhere between Beetlejuice & The Crypt Keeper.
What can you tell u…

Camden Film Fair (Electric Ballroom) (December 2015)

It was back to London on Saturday, 12th December 2015 to meet Serurta / Seize The Night cast and crew in Camden. It was at the Electric Ballroom that the event took place and regulars were the likes of Space Monsters Magazine, Merlyn Roberts and Emma Dark - all with tables and promotions to promote to new and older fans! A great event which only cost £3 for an entry ticket. At this event Eileen Daly was due to sign autographs, but sadly couldn't make it!! There was plenty of dvd and movie memorabilia on hand for fans!
The next event is due February, 13th 2016 with the likes of Emily Booth due to make an appearance!! Side Note:Geoff Tate's band, Operation: Mindcrime played the Underworld club that night. I even bumped into Tate who posed for a quick selfie photo in the afternoon before the gig at night.

Jack & Guill: Queen of the Dead-sert!! Zombies & Drag-Queens!! (December 2015)

Get ready folks for Jack & Guill from East Midlands director,James Hodcroft!! It is set to feature Zombies and Drag Queens?!! Please, see the Jack & Guill Indiegogo. Share/Donate and get on board if you are interested in such a project... it sounds a lot of fun, indeed!!

Godzilla Resurgence (2016) - Teaser Trailer & Poster!! (December 2015)

He's Back!! This time Toho is claiming that this is the BIGGEST Godzilla, yet!! It even towers Godzilla (2014). Some fans are SHOCKED on-line at the new-looking design, but I say wait for the film, first!! Below is a new teaser trailer for Godzilla Resurgence(2016) - film due next Summer in Japan from Toho Studios, Ltd.. It it said that the BIG G is going back to it's 1954 roots... we can only see!! Godzilla Resurgence is released on 29th July, 2016 - Japan!

Sifu vs The Undead Warrior (2015) - Action/Horror/Fantasy Short (December 2015)

Sifu vs The Undead Warrior (2015) is an Action/Horror/Fantasy Short directed by John H Shelton and Clive McKenzie. It was shot in December and features myself (The Undead) and McKenzie (Sifu) as two fighting warriors in the wilderness. Plot:"Sifu must do battle with the Undead as he searches for peace on his zen travels.".
It took a few hours to film before the rainy weather got the better of us, but I am happy with what we got together one Sunday afternoon. Special thanks to Mr McKenzie, Karate Debs and family.

Beyond Terror Dvd: Spookies (1986) - Review!! (December 2015)

It's hard not to like Spookies (1986). It's a B-Movie horror, the film had production problems in the day, there are silly moments, but there is praise for the efforts! Twisted Souls was in Production, but finished as Spookies in 1986. There was trouble behind the scenes to get the film done with numerous directors and film-makers!! What we have is a nice looking indie horror film with good special efforts and a nice atmospheric music score, too!!
The story revolves around a young boy at first named Billy, who runs away from home to an old mansion and graveyard! There he meets an old man who runs a house full of creepy-looking monsters including Mud-Men, a werewolf assistant who pops up everywhere and even the Grim Reaper, himself!! Cue a bunch of mature-looking teenagers out to party for the night and you have: Spookies.

A bizarre horror flick and one that always gets bought up as a forgotten gem, too. If you look on facebook, you find a page dedicated to the film, HERE! Acc…

Interview: Wanderlust (Trans-Model/Writer) (December 2015)

I first met Wanderlust through her friend Emma Dark in London in the Summer of 2015. There was enough supporters at Seize the Night and I'm glad that was there in Wanderlust, too! She is a lovely lady, a sci-fi/horror fan and was a former DJ at night. Model Mayhem profile: HERE.
Please, tell me a bit about yourself Wanderlust?
My name's Wanderlust. 100% legit and totally my birth name! ;). Wanderlust is a German word referring to a desire to travel and explore for the sake of travelling, and it's something I've always have. I especially love northern and eastern Europe, and I've spent a lot of time in Germany, but more on that later. I'm transgender (MtF), a model and occasional writer, and am very keen on gothic, industrial and cyberpunk fashion and lifestyle. I can be found dwelling around London and the home counties - wherever the shadows are long, and the ground encased in concrete and surrounded by tall, imposing buildings and abandoned factories - my nat…

Short Film: Anxie! (2015) By Disturbia Films! (December 2015)

Anxiety:"a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease about something with an uncertain outcome." - Disturbia Films (Luna Wolf), Dashee La Maquilleuse and Luna Winters bring to you this short-shot film on a common Mental Illness, done with flare and style. It was all shot in an hour and shows off the skills of the Ladies from the darkside!!
An interesting, short and snappy short that dwells into the darkest mind of humanity. Well done to everybody involved. 
ANXIEWritten by Luna Winters. Starring Luna Winters and Anxiety. Makeup and Camera 2: Dashee La Maquilleuse. Directed, edited and Camera 1: Luna Wolf.

Christmas Slay (2015) Hits (December 2015)

The long a waited Christmas Slay (2015) can now be viewed on line at, HERE. PLOT: "The story of 'CHRISTMAS SLAY' begins on a wintry Christmas Eve in the picturesque Kentish countryside, the horrific murder of a loving family, and the capture of a Santa Claus obsessed blood thirsty killer. A Christmas approaches the following year, a group of college girlfriends decide to get away from it all and relax and party over the Christmas holiday, they decide to escape to the idyllic Mistletoe Lodge nestled within the beautiful snowy mountains of the Scottish Highlands, what starts off as the perfect festive getaway of fun in the snow and a glass of eggnog or two, suddenly descends into a gruesome bloodbath of terror and a fight for survival." Be sure to Rent/Buy/Stream the film on-line!! The film stars Jessica Ann Bonner and Dani Thompson.

The Journey by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc (Film Noir) (December 2015)

The Journey: "Death is all around us and we never stop to think about it as we travel each day. As life continues on, death is at work...but is Death what we think it is? Is it the end of a your life story...or the beginning of another journey?".  This is a short Film Noir by Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc. She is a writer, poet and Youtuber trying to make it in the Indie Film scene! Her passion and poetic art shows through, please follow her, HERE on Youtube. Her Facebook page can be found, HERE!

Mike Patton Wins Best Vocalist in the 5th Annual Loudwire Music Awards!! (December 2015)

Faith No More's Mike Patton has only gone and won "Best Vocalist!". Check out the results over at Loudwire! The competition was help last month and beat of contestants in the modern metal era with great results!! FNM's "Sol Invictus" (see, HERE) was released in May, 2015 to good reviews! Some have panned it, some have praised it, but MP stands tall and toe-to-toe with some of Metal's best singers!!

A Gothic Poem for Christmas by MrSheltonTV (December 2015)

The Dark Stare!! 
I walked alone, across the corridor, feeling nothing but ice cold floor. Weeping walls of dusk, I walked on as I must. To feel the cold air, outside, as I took one more stride. Ahead, I went... clutching my coat, with a lump in my throat.
The darkness has come, to draw in the night. I turned on the floor, looking for fright. Nothing, black thick air, I did nothing but stare, into darkness and nothing more!
The sense of cold I felt, gripping my coat. Seeing nothing more, but of forgotten law The forgotten more through Nevermore! The crows are weeping, the crows are sounding, the crows are sweeping!
As the snow lay, outside, the gothic children cry. Branches on the winded trees, tap at the seams. The House is empty, I was never there... Nevermore will you have to face my ice glanced, Dark Stare... OF DEATH!

Poem by MrSheltonTV - All rights, Reserved, 2015.

Happy December 1st... From MrSheltonTV (December 2015)

Happy December, 1st guys!! It's time to open them advent calendars and get toasty for Christmas!! Nottingham is in full swing for the season as the Christmas Market is on (see above photo), so I hope you are, too!! Below is a Best Of... Out & About Video from 2015, this year!! Only 24 shopping days left till Christmas... doesn't time fly by?? Happy Holidays from MrSheltonTV!!