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Happy Halloween: A Walk Through the Spooky Woods (October 2015)

This Halloween, Lauren, Louisa, Dave and myself took a night walk through a dark location. We went through a quiet graveyard (the gate was open) and the woods with cameras and flashlights. It was a great night just for the experience. Please, see the video below and photos on what we might of caught on digital... Happy Halloween!!

Happy Halloween: Emma Dark!! (October 2015)

I first met miss Emma Dark through social media in late 2014 and on her Seize the Night (2015) film campaign - see, REVIEW. It wasn't until July, 2015 until myself and my friend met her and friends @ Horror Con - SEE, HERE - in Sheffield. It was great getting to know her and others, especially at the STN private cast/crew screening in London later that Summer!!
Emma's credits and achievements include: Island of the Blind Dead (2015), Winner of  World Goth Day in 2012, a published model in a number of Horror Magazines and of course her film, STN!! STN also earned miss Dark an award for "Rising Star" at The Yellow Fever Independent Film Festival this month, alone!! She is also an interviewer for other other scene-based models and actors! 
For my interview with Emma, see HERE. Thanks, Emma, I am proud to be an associate/backer producer on STN. Happy Halloween, 2015.

Classic Retro Halloween Horror Games!! (October 2015)

You've got to love Halloween... you've got to love a retro video game, too. Growing up in the 80s/90s we were spoilt with games like Ghouls & Ghosts (see, HERE), Zombies Ate My Neighbors and Splatterhouse (see below)!! Yes, those were the days of pumping money into the arcade machines, running home from school to play video games on the snes/megadrive, etc. if you were lucky!

A game that had a horror level was also good... a spooky time of year indeed for checking out horror games. I also remember games like Castlevania on the NES and Snes. The AVGN has all ready reviewed or played such games over on Youtube with Mike Matei. Don't forget about Demon's Crest - the Ghouls N Ghosts spin-off game and man, was that not a challenge and a half for the snes console!!

Music Gig Look-Back: Mr Bungle @ Rock City - September, 2000 (October 2015)

It was a Saturday night!! It was September, 2000 and I was off out with my mate: John "Ironfoot" Willis (Doomsday Outlaw) to see another gig @ Nottingham Rock City! I had to admit, that Mr Bungle wasn't "Ironfoot"s thing, but that past summer we both went to see Fantomas (featuring drummer Dave Lombardo and lead singer Mike Patton) at the same venue.
If I recall, there was no support band and Mr Bungle had played the night before in London. Little did we know that this would have been Bungle's last ever gig to date!! Mike (Patton) - the singer - would wind up security guards standing at the front of the stage and Trevor Dunn, the bassist was dressed up like it was Halloween (fitting for this time of year!).
It was the California tour from the 1999 cd. I even remember, before the gig and queuing up, Patton walked passed the entrance to go into Nottingham - I didn't want to lose my place, but it would have been so cool to go and meet the guy and get some…

A Tribute to‬ Artist: Noriyoshi Ohrai - RIP (HQ)

A great painter and poster artist has passed away: Noriyoshi Ohrai. He painted many classic Japanese Godzilla posters as well as that of eastern-released Star Wars art. The above tribute is by Creationzilla Productions aka Will Krebs from Youtube.

MrSheltonTV: "Home-Made" Godzilla-Thon on Youtube!!! (October 2015)

You know I love Godzilla!! After all this time, I have put together a Godzilla-Thon with the help of House of Karloff 1985 and others!! Please, Check the Playlist! It's been fun, it's been epic, but now it has seen the light of day!! Thank you to everybody that helped... Godzilla Rules!!

Gojira started in 1954 and ran up to the recent Godzilla (2014) from Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures! Due, next year is "Shin Gojira" aka Godzilla (2016), so please enjoy this HalloweenMonster Mash!!

Zombies!! (The Living Dead) Everywhere... On Youtube!! (October 2015)

What is it about Zombies? The living dead? Ghouls? etc... Well, it is Halloween so please check out the above playlist I have put together of my own Zombie-related Videos. You'll find reviews and tributes-alike!! More Z Reviews: HERE!! Check the PLAYLIST!!

Happy (Belated) Birthday to: Sam Raimi (October 2015)

Ok, so I'm a day late, but Happy Belated Birthday to Director and ProducerSam Raimi (The Evil Dead [1981]). The guy is so busy right now with Ash Vs Evil Dead (the series) starring the Legendary Bruce Campbell!! The guy also did the Spiderman (2002) and produced many other tv series' and produced The Grudge (2004) remake!! Below is a tribute to The Three Stooges mega-fan and top sense-of-humor kind of guy - Many Happy Returns, Sam Raimi:

Music: Faith No More release "Sunny Side Up!" Single!! (October 2015)

Those "fat b*stards" are at it, again!! Faith No More have only gone and released the "Sunny Side Up" single from the latest album, "Sol Invictus"! The video is set in an old people's home and features a crazy, older version of the band playing the song!! I admit, that this is a strange choice for the band to release SSU as a single, but I would like to see others to follow like "Black Friday" or "Cone of Shame", too from the new album in 18 years! Either way, good luck boys... Enjoy!! The video is directed by Joe Lynch.

REVIEW: Double Trouble (1996) & Double Trouble II (1998) (October 2015)

Double Trouble (1996) is an action short comedy starring Anthony Leigh Dawe & Clive McKenzie!! It is set in a small apartment and the action takes place on a small fire escape with Bo action. It is fast paced and very funny with influences of Jackie Chan-style comedy and action! The work print has faded over the years as it was shot on video. The end credits feature a lot of out takes like in many of Chan's films. It isn't heavily story driven, just good action/comedy fun!! 3/5. It is directed by both Dawe and McKenzie. Shot in Nottingham, UK. I had first seen the comedy short during a media class when a friend sat us all down to watch it in our spare time.
Double Trouble II (1998) is a sequel to Double Trouble (1996). This time, directed by John Shelton in a back garden!! Young Anthony Dawe is greeted by a young buck (Steven Chamberlain) warning him of the danger of Ninjas lurking about. Dawe goes for a stroll to be confronted by Chamberlain (now dressed as a ninja warrior…

Review: Seize the Night (2015) - Directed by Emma Dark (October 2015)

Seize the Night (2015) is one of those films that was influenced by features like Blade (1998), Underworld (2003) and it's been mentioned by being a peer to Razor Blade Smile (1998). Good visuals, good kick-butt, Martial Art-like action blended with horror/sci-fi and some CGI by Davy Simmons, makes this a clever little gem of a short, indie film. Did I say Indie? It does look a bit more than the average indie flick, in my opinion. These were the films we were trying to make in college and that's a good fang (thing)!!
PLOT: "After escaping from a secret government bio-research compound renegade vampire assassin Eva (Emma Dark) is hell bent on revenge.  Receiving a tip off from the mysterious Dante (Anthony Ilott, Wrong Turn 6: Last Resort) she meets with arms dealer Joe (Paul Ewen, Cockneys vs Zombies) who informs her that an enemy is hot on her tail.  Eva hunts the hunter and encounters a team of werewolves, led by pack alpha Tobias (Carey Thring, From Hell).  During their…

Godzilla vs Kong/Dino-Riders: The Movie - Coming Soon!! (October 2015)

Yes, it's on... Godzilla vs Kong (2020) is coming in five years time according to Warner Bros./Legendary Pictures!! The cross-over monster match/mash of the century will see the two iconic creatures of mass destruction either team-up/vs or even both. This is all comes to light, taking place after Kong: Skull Island (2017) & the sequel of Godzilla 2 (2018). And what about the size of Kong, compared to Godzilla? Well, it is being dealt with by the Producers of the epic monster franchise in the west!! Please, see - HERE for KSI (2017) write-up and a mention of the size issue - concerned by DIE HARD fans!!

We haven't finished yet, monster/dinosaur fans!! Mattel (the classic 80's toy company) are said to be producing a Dino-Riders feature film, too! Wow, that would be amazing to see Jurassic-dinosaurs (with the hype of this Summer's Jurassic World [2015]) being controlled by humans in toll as good and evil do battle!! SOURCE: HERE.

Clive McKenzie: The Black Tiger from Nottingham, UK (October 2015)

I'm doing this article to help promote Kung Fu fanatic and actor: Clive Mckenzie. I have known him since way back since 1998. I had visited his place and he had shown me his edited and rare footage of his Martial Art skills in many short films! His shorts were fast-paced and some times comical it it's eastern influenced editing skills with titles like: Double Trouble (1996) & Project V: The Viper (1997) which starred himself and other local hard-kicking friends! He even used his family in crazy, but fun shorts like Kung Fu Kid (1999). Other titles Include, Tenko (2012), The Time Grid Fighter (2010) & Merry Kissmas (2010).

McKenzie even got featured in Martial Arts Illustrated magazine over the years and appeared as a guest on NOTTS TV in 2015. He lives with his girlfriend, Karate Debs and family - he also looks up to Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan!

During college, I even made a few unofficial sequels to Mr McKenzie's films. There was Double Trouble II (1998) (starring m…

Kong: Skull Island (2017) Comes to Life!! (October 2015)

Production has officially begun in Hawaii for the epic film title of Kong: Skull Island! There have been photos of the new King Kong set featuring actor Samuel L Jackson and a 70's Vietnam War vibe with an army crew and old helicopter! The film also stars John Goodman (not pictured) and Tom Hiddleston (also not pictured) as a group of explorers venture to the island where they confront creatures and the famous title monster ape!
Remember that this is a prequel and that Monarch (a part of Godzilla [2014] - see review, HERE) will play a part in the script and story line in both monster films. For more further info - see, HERE. The below pictures came officially from the social media site, Twitter:

Kong: Skull Island is due out March 2017 from Legendary Pictures/Warner Bros. This film will lead to a Godzilla/King Kong cross over announced for 2020 - Stay Tuned!! NOTE: Kong will be much bigger than the original incarnation!!

Terror Tales of the Crimson Creeper - Teaser No. 2 (October 2015)

Get ready boys and Ghouls: The next teaser trailer is for Terror Tales of The Crimson Creeper!! Bayden Redshaw has edited together some rough footage to tease the children of the night so don't have NIGHTMARES!!

An R-Rated "Batman: The Killing Joke" Movie?? (October 2015)

It's very rare that I get upbeat about a superhero movie, due to them well, not really what I go for? I remember Batman: Killing Joke comic in the day and my artist friend, Simon Richardson had done some artwork as a tribute. I was a fan of Batman (1989) and this recently announced BKJ movie seems like the way to go - Please, see: HERE.

There is talk about an R rating, which suits me fine if Warner Bros. go ahead with an adult Batman film featuring the evil Joker villain. There's further controversy that BKJ is too violent thus an R rating might be too much for the WB Batman franchise to sell to younger audiences - shame - this is what I would wanna see, if done true to the dark comic!!

The Walking Dead (Season 6) Returns tonight, 9pm - FOX UK (October 2015)

YES!! It's back!! The Walking Dead - Season 6 Premiere on FOX UK in England!! It started last night in the USA - so, NO SPOILERS!!

Rick Grimes is back as is Daryl Dixon as well as new and old faces in the zombie/horror survival series!! Happy October, Boys & Ghouls!!

88 Films Going Cheap this Halloween @ Fopp Store (October 2015)

Get yourself down to FOPP NOTTINGHAMthis October/Halloween. Grab yourself a horror bargain on dvd and/or blu-ray! 88 Films are having a gore-tastic sale!! The cheapest dvds I know of are on sale for ONLY £3!! This includes the cult label of 101 Films, too!!

VIDEO INTERVIEW: Ceirog Studios (Maxx Manic Creators) (October 2015)

Yesterday, I got to sit down with the Creators of Indie Game: Maxx Manic - aka Ceirog Studios!! See the above video for the Interview I did with the guys. They were all very enthusiastic about the gaming project and I wish "Maxx" the best success in the Indie Gaming Industry!! See my previous blog entry - HERE.

Shooting Begins on Terror Tales: Horror Anthology!! (October 2015)

After a long wait and gather props: Shooting Begins on Terror Tales: Horror Anthology!! (October 2015). The Crimson Creeper was set loose again (see - Halloween Creep Tales [2013]) and today I got the intro shot at a private location! I used fake cobwebs, Halloween pumpkin candle holders and a gothic old looking book to read the stories from. I had to do some last minute running around, too... but, hey that's film-making!!
This is an Horror anthology which myself and Bayden Redshaw (The Thin Man [coming soon]) are putting together and are shooting through-out the Halloween month with other short horror films to put all this madness in place!
The idea is to get the horror anthology film onto dvd/bluray for next Halloween through distribution across seas! Stay tuned... stay scared!! Special Thanks to: Kev Harte for editing the Intro-inner segment (see above video) .

Trailer: GAMERA is Back!!! (October 2015)

It's been a long wait, but everybody's favorite giant fire-breathing turtle is BACK!! That's right... GAMERA is back, BIGGER, badder than ever and I mean it this time! Just take a look at the trailer which was just shown at NYCC 2015. I looks amazing and this time... Gamera is in CGI! CGI? It does look so epic and on a giant scale like no other!! Please, take my word for it... It looks brilliant!! 
Gamera (2017) is due out in two years time!! 
The trailer features various Kaiju monsters that are well known!!

REVIEW: Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979) - Zombi 2 (October 2015)

Gory, gross and slightly disturbing: Zombie Flesh Eaters (1979) has it all! It's the unofficial sequel to George A. Romero'sDawn of the Dead (1978) - this time directed by the late Lucio Fulci.
A remote island is the setting where the bodies of the dead are coming back to life and can only be killed by being shot in the head (cue the gore). Meanwhile, in New York City, a boat is set adrift containing a flesh eating ghoul which sets up a very bleak ending (NO SPOILERS)! Our heroes set of to the Island to solve the mystery that lies in it's deepest, blood-splattered jungles!
Yes! This is the film where it's zombie vs shark in an amazing underwater scene which has thrilled many gore-hounds, alike! There is a shower scene which sticks out - quite literally - where a naked woman showering meets her demise at the hand of the Living Dead!

It's a very nice film to watch in Widescreen from on dvd and blu-ray! The soundtrack score is GREAT and EERIE, too!!

Godzilla Facebook Page - Go Like (October 2015)

Get on over to facebook to LIKEGodzilla & Japanese Kaiju Movies - Myself, House of Karloff and Will are nearly at 4k Likes since it started last year! There are plenty of photos and news updates for all Kaiju Fans!
Also, check out the Godzilla Youtube Channel. There are tons of videos and soundtracks to watch and listen to this October.

MrSheltonTV: Happy October/Updates (October 2015)

Happy October, guys!! Terror Tales IS going a head!! My younger brother (pictured above - right) and I shall be filming the wraparound section featuring The Crimson Creeper. I am feeling a lot more better now that I have gotten a few productive and important things in place, again. Also, I now have an official website, HERE. Also, below is a video I made on my favorite UK Indie Horror Scream Queens... Please, check it out and give it a like on Youtube!!