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MrSheltonTV: My Mental Health & Listening to Music/Faith No More! (September 2015)

I feel as though this IS an important blog entry to write! Above is a video that I put together to help myself and others struggling with Mental Health Issues. I have always listened to the band Faith No More on/off and as of late, to me they have been a saving grace!! The band is diverse and have had a many ups and downs - such as life in itself!! Please, enjoy the video and go to

Pacific Rim 2 Delayed? King Kong vs Godzilla? (September 2015)

The internet has gone crazy, again! First the bad news for loyal Kaiju fans - Pacific Rim 2 Maelstrom is delayed and was due to shoot November, 2015 and released in August, 2017. The monster/robot action film has been put on HOLD! It maybe due to poor box office sales and over-budgeting.
With that being said, Twitter blew up this week with a possible King Kong vs Godzilla modern day Hollywood adaptation. The film would probably happen way after Kong: Skull Island  and Godzilla 2 (2018). Fans went wild with both mixed reactions due to the original size of King Kong compared to Godzilla!

Interview: Merlyn Roberts (World Wide Weird) (September 2015)

I had met Merlyn at Horror Con 2015. It's safe to say that Meryln Roberts is a horror fan! He helps to run horror screening events (World Wide Weird) and is a creative soul, himself. Here is an Interview with the man himself:
Tell the world about: World Wide Weird? World Wide Weird is a concept I came up with after getting into some really great Facebook horror/DVD Collector groups and realising how many people out there were just as passionate about horror/fantasy and other crazy fun stuff. But really I'm not that much of an online person being a bit of a technophobe and love meeting people in a pub over a pint wherever possible! Luckily there is great pub called the Haggerston in Dalston, Hackney, the area where I grew up, and the owner had offered me the chance to do film nights there in the past. I hadn't taken him up on the offer as I really hadn't thought of what I could do differently to other film clubs/nights in London.
But then a bout of insomnia hit me and th…

A Few Updates with MrSheltonTV (September 2015)

I've just turned 36 years old and planning on help makeTerror Tales of the Crimson Creeper. The Indiegogo is due to go live in October - Halloween Month! It will feature five horror shorts from talented film makers across the internet. There will be a wrap around too, featuring The Crimson Creeper! The end result is to get the Horror Anthology onto dvd and into festivals. Stay Tuned!!

Speaking of October, The Walking Dead is back on our TV screens - please see my collection above! Also, for my birthday this past week - I received a talking Evil Krusty the Klown doll (see video, above!) from Safensecure1 from Youtube - for whom I am meeting at Hull Horror Festival next month! Exciting times and I cannot wait for the Halloween season to start... BOO!!