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Interview: Rod Glenn (Sinema: The Movie) (August 2015)

"Rod Glenn was brought up in the north east of England and lives in Newcastle upon Tyne with wife, Vanessa. His writing is of a dark nature with darkly humorous undertones. He also an actor, some roles include World War Z, Broken England, The Bad Samaritan Must Die, Run, Vera, Inspector George Gently, The Monuments Men, Fury, Macbeth, Bill, The Fairy Flag, Dolls and Ripper Street." Welcome to Hayden!SINEMA is coming soon. The Indiegogo can be found, HERE. Rod's novels can be found, HERE.
What can you tell us about SINEMA?
Sinema is a feature film based on my best-selling novel, Sinema: The Northumberland Massacre.  It is one man's experiment to see whether a normal well-adjusted person can commit mass murder and then return to their normal life. It centers around the anti-hero and film fanatic, Han Whitman.
What can you tell us about the cast?
We are still putting together the cast and crew, but so far we have cast Eileen Daly (Razor Blade Smile and recent Big Brother

Review: Rigor Mortis (2013) (August 2015)

Hot on the remake/reboot trend, comes Rigor Mortis (2013). It's a loose retelling of the classic, Mr Vampire (1985) - See, HERE. This is a Cantonese/Hong Kong film set in an old apartment building. It is room 2445 where a depressed actor (Chin Siu Ho) goes to hang himself after being out the lime light! He is saved by a chain-smoking priest (Anthony "Friend" Chan) as this building is Haunted and the ghosts of the past out out in full forces of darkness.
There are familiar faces from Mr Vampire that return in this bleak, action horror. The usual Taoist trickery is all there with magic spells and kung fu. There are ghosts - right out of Ju-On: The Grudge (2002) as this was produced by Takashi Shimizu, himself.
It's very stylish and has a bleak ending connecting the opening sequence to the end of the movie. If you love horror and the bizarre, then this might be for you. Throw in some drama elements and gore and you have Rigor Mortis... and don't forget the undead h…

Trailer: The Wrath of Dracula (August 2015)

Hold onto your necks, this is The Wrath of Dracula! Miss Angela Holmes, Raed Abbas, Emma Frisk and Dani Thompson bring you the new trailer to a London-filmed horror with fangs! Holmes plays Jessica Van Helsing - a feisty vampire hunter in this independent horror feature coming soon. Please, check the website, - any press, please contact:

Review: Things That Go Bump in the Night!! (2015) (August 2015)

This is a mini horror movie by Luna Wolf and Missy P. It premiered last night on line and is a found footage short. The Evil Twins dare one another to play the old urban legend "Bloody Mary" in a hotel room whilst away from home. Naturally, things take a turn for the worst in a slow build up of false scares and girls giggling on the bed. Never one to turn down a challenge, miss Wolf takes the urban legend challenge thus consequences will happen like in all horror movies!
It was Luna that edited Things that go Bump.. and I enjoyed the build up and the scare! The short runs just over 8 minutes and isn't dragged out! It's all good fun with the Evil Twins. Best to watch with the lights turned out - well done, ladies!! Please, visit: