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Interview: Richard Gladman (July 2015)

I heard and met Richard Gladman through a mutual love of old  Monster Movies and Godzilla. It's no surprise that he is in charge of Space Monsters Magazine (Please see, HERE for SMM Blogger Entry.) – a quarterly publication. He is also part of the  WynterCon management team and is producing a superhero movie called Girl Force starring Alex Reid, Dave Prowse, Emily Booth and his friends Dani Thompson and Francoise Pascal. He is also producer and creator of horror anthology television series Fragments of Fear. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Horror Con2015 and here is his interview on all things cult, horror and old school monsters. Gladman is also a good friend of actress Caroline Munro
How did Space Monsters Magazine come about? I’d always wanted to publish my own magazine; there were so many classic horror film mags on the market but nothing that really looked at old sci-fi TV and movies – so I thought I’d fill the gap in the market! We cover everything from Godzilla and g…

Godzilla/Pacific Rim-Cross Over? (July 2015)

According to this source, HERE there is a LARGE KAIJU-SIZED RUMOUR that the King of the Monsters will side with Jaegers  to take on Kaiju Monsters in Hollywood! Exciting stuff for Monster Lovers, indeed! So, how would this play out? For a start, PR2(due out 2017) would have to be a MONSTER success in the box-office. Godzilla 2 is due 2018 from the returning Gareth Edwards. Maybe a cross-over is inevitable with the two Box-Office Franchises, but only time will tell!?
The Kaiju craze has caught on and Warner Bros./Legendary do own the rights to the two Japanese-Kaiju-influenced films! WE are due a Universal/Legendary King Kong Prequel as well name Kong: SKULL ISLAND with further of rumors Kong meeting Godzilla, somewhere down the Hollywood Line! However, let's NOT get ahead of ourselves and wait (if can) over the next few years to see what STOMPING MONSTER ACTION comes our way?!
If Legendary were to bring in Godzilla to Pacific Rim, would they hint it at the PR2 finale? After the c…

Going to: Horror Con 2015 (July 2015)

Horror Con 2015 was a blast! Myself and my friend paid (literally) a visit to the Manga Adventure Centre in Sheffield on Saturday, 11th 2015 to see the event. Our first trip after walking around was the nice bar that the Main Hall had and we met Luna Wolf & Missy Poison aka The Evil Twins - who were signing at their own table. The twins were really good to us like most people at the event - they signed photos and posed for facebook/twitter pictures - couldn't fault the two ladies of horror!

Next we were looking around stalls and trying to find familiar faces, when we found Banjo (2015) director, Liam Regan & crew at the table near the bar (what luck!). I picked up a copy of the original Banjo short film (Review, HERE) for myself and my friend - got my Return to Nuke em High - Volume 1 dvd signed by Regan - Awesome stuff and just chatted for at least half an hour on and off and through-out the day with the director going to Fright Fest later in the year.

After looking round…

Review: Banjo (2012) (Short) (July 2015)

WARNING - Contains Adult Themes: Liam Regan is a fan of Troma and exploitation movies. His 13 minute short, Banjo: Confessions of Peltzer (2012) tells the true life tale of Regan's bad sex experience - he snapped his "Banjo" string during intercourse! Peltzer (named after Gremlins [1984] character "Billy Peltzer") is an 18 year loser who can't make his girl happy in the bedroom until he gets his mojo back and well... snaps his string!! Ouch!! That is the premise to Regan's short. It is riddled with black humor!
The short played Troma Dance Film Festival in 2013 - which must have been a dream for Liam. It received a good reaction and the film was made into a feature for Fright Fest (2015). The short also features Harmony Hex who was looking to get into horror and film at the time, and Liam had a role for her in this sex comedy! This 2012 version is also shot like an old 90's Channel 4 indie film. This gives it, it's charm I find. A brave attempt…

Interview: Dean Sills (Actor) (July 2015)

I have known Dean Sills for a few years now and we both had worked on Tom Wadlow's forthcoming Zombie Indie flick, Wasteland (2015) - coming soon, btw. He started his career in a different direction and was bitten luckily NOT by Zombies, but the acting bug in 2012! Before Dean started acting he worked as a professional painter and decorator for many years. He did two years at Barnsley College Painting and Decorating and was awarded the British Decorating Association Shield for Best Student. He then went on to achieve a Diploma in Interior Design. Mr Sills attends acting classes as well as looks after his family. He has appeared on the BBC as a supporting artist and has a growing IMDB to boot. Dean also made an uncredited appearance in Mr Holmes (2015). He is a writer for
Tears In the Dust? What can we expect from this ambitious Indie Feature?
You can expect to see a film that will help make a difference due to the fact it covers homelessness and how this can hap…