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Interview: Kev Harte (Film-Maker) (June 2015)

Film-maker Kev Harte of Abandon Hope Films makes short films. He is a busy parent and dedicates his time to his family and went to Teesside, University. His current project features Seize the Night's Emma Dark (See, HERE). His latest Indiegogo Project can be found, HERE. It is called: The Morning Star Preserves.
What can you tell us about your latest Project on Indiegogo? The Morning Star Preserves its what i think of as a fantasy/horror. I wanted to approach this project differently than my previous films, and had to decide, what is the hook here? What will make this unique. So I just started thinking of images I wanted to shoot, an image of the factory in the script, The Assignments Room where the  decisions of the company get made etc. And it was the grand image of a room full of jars suspended from ceilings that I just couldn't shake. The story was really made and constructed from that sole image.

But , without giving too much of the it away, and if you know a thing or two,…

RIP: Sir Christopher Lee (1922 - 2015 ) (June 2015)

A very sad day in the acting and Horror community. Christopher "Frank Carandini" Lee better known as actor Christopher Lee has passed away - he was 93 years old. The Legendary London-born Legend was a well known face in Hammer Horror films alongside the likes of of other veterans Peter Cushing, Vincent Price and John Carradine. Lee would also be the man with the Golden Gun in the James Bond - 007 series and became later known to a newer generation of fans in the Star Wars-prequels and in the epic LOTR and The Hobbit film series - directed by Peter Jackson. Tim Burton also cast Lee in many small roles in his later films, too. Christopher Lee released a Heavy Metal album in the festive Christmas spirit.
Writing this now, I am in awe by his roles in the fantasy and horror genre - something he didn't want to be too type-cast for... but, what an amazing man with many faces to boot! I remember watching Gremlins 2 (1990) at the cinema and when I repeated watching the film on V…

Interview: The Evil Twins and their Vampire Horror Short Film! (June 2015)

You've heard of the tWISTED tWINS! Now, behold, Women in Horror: The Evil Twins - Luna Wolf & Missy Poison. They have been in photography for a decade each and are making a Vampire horror film: Please see their Indiegogo, HERE - Vampire Coven! Visit their website, HERE. I think it's safe to say that these "EVIL TWINS" are definitely BIG horror fans of the genre! Missy is also raising for Cancer Research, HERE.
Please, Introduce yourselves...
LW: Hi, I'm Luna Wolf, I've been a Photographer for more than 10 years, I moved into Modelling when I moved to London where I met my evil accomplice Priscilla. Together we create truly gory imagery inspired by our favorite horror movies. I have also stepped behind and in front the camera to film some really great film projects. 
What can you tell me about your upcoming Vampire Indie film? LW: Priscilla and I have teamed up with Phantom Studios to film a vampire horror short. I have written the script myself and I will be…