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Review: Island of the Blind Dead (Youtube Short) (May 2015)

Island of the Blind Dead (2015) is a 3 minute feature directed by Emma Dark & Merlyn Roberts. It is based on the cult Spanish horror film-series, Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972). The short was shot in St. George South, Corfu where Dark plays the bikini-clad lead as she roams the beach whilst being pursued by the BLIND DEAD in a silent, art faux trailer shot-style.

If you love Tombs of the Blind Dead, then you should dig and respect this short, put-together tribute which has over two thousand views since being uploaded in March, 2015. The zombies look just how they looked in the inspiration for this silent, art-like teaser! They are slow and creepy and couldn't help but be entertained by the campiness!

The film is also shot in a warn, 8mm-style on purpose and not influenced by anything modern in style. It's influence is old horror and slightly tongue in cheek. Island of the Blind Dead is worthy of late night viewing and worth giving a THUMBS UP on Youtube. Both, Emma and Merlyn also star and feature on Seize the Night (2015).

Emma Dark  as Jeannie
Elias Loumakis as Prof. Theopolis
Merlyn Roberts as Blind Dead
Sharon Loumakis as Mother
Athena Loumakis as Daughter
Victor Kavadias as Drunk
George Catavatis as Blacksmith

Actress & Co-Director: Emma Dark.


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