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Review: Darkman (1990) (May 2015)

Dr. Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson) is a scientist working on synthetic skin that will last in sunlight for ONLY 90 minutes. He is happily engaged to his girlfriend Julie (played by Francis McDorman) until the evil gang-boss, Robert G Durant (Larry Drake) and crew destroy Westlake's lab over some documents, kill his assistant and blow the place up with the scientist in it! This film quickly becomes a revenge movie when Peyton, who can not feel pain any more, escapes the blaze and is left for dead in a nearby hospital. He escapes and seeks to destroy those who did him wrong by using his burnt out computer and rebuild skin to hide his disfigured and horribly burnt face and body parts! He is still in love with Julie and wants to get her back and seek revenge on Durant and an evil corporation in which Julie is dragged into before she learns it's deadly, evil secrets. Look out for a cameo by Bruce Campbellat the end of this dark action flick.
Following the success of Tim Burton's

Tonka's Super Naturals: 80's Nostalgia! (May 2015)

In the 80's, Toys were all the rage for lucky children! Transformers, MASK, HE-MAN, etc. were all the rage! However, a little known toy-line were the Super Naturals - made by TONKA toys. These figures were NOT for the faint-hearted. Each figure had an hologram and this seemed the "in-thing" in the late eighties! There were Visionaries by Hasbro, but TONKA went that bit further! 
Super Naturals had your "good guys" and "bad guys" - the bad guys were down right creepy! There was a Holographic rotting skeleton-corpse baddie leader name Skull. The good guys were lead by Lionheart a knight whose front turned into, you guessed it... A Lion. Each side also had a sub group of small ghost figures: Ghostlings. The weapons of the smaller figures were Glow in the Dark!
There were vehicles for the Super Naturals and the daddy of all play-sets... "The Tomb of Doom" which was a pricey and very rare toy to find nowadays! There was also a very short-lived co…

Attack on Titan: Mania is Coming! (May 2015)

I'm a bit late to Attack on Titan and the craze in anime, but I really want to see the new feature coming this summer from Toho Studios. Jonathan Tabreham was the one who told me about the series and up-coming film after his recent trip to Japan in 2014. From what I know, giant Colossal Titan creatures are attacking Japan in the future and devouring their pray as a band of survivors take action to try and the defeat the over-sized, skinless human giants! The Titans even fight each other in Japanese madness! That's what I understand anyway and the film adaptation is due to hit the BIG screen this summer in the east and in Australia. Madman Entertainment will release the film in Australia.

The cartoon/anime is ultra-violent and contains adult themes from what I have seen. There is merchandise and mania creeping into our culture - and I love it! I found a TITAN cartoon poster stand in HMV, see photo above and the animation is on UK dvd in various volumes. I'm sure there are …

Review: Poltergeist (2015) (May 2015)

Bank holiday weekend saw the opening of the new Poltergeist (2015) movie directed by Gil Kenanand it was produced by horror legend Sam Raimi. Myself, Gav Jennings, Jonathan Tabrehamand his nephew went along to watch the film in 3D on the Sunday
The film centres around a family that move into a big house built on a grave site - standard horror set-up - and soon enough creepy going-ons occur first the children before the adults are forced to believe in the paranormal activity! The late Caroline character is renamed to Maddie and changed to a dark haired girl who has an obsession with the voices she hears coming through the HD television. The standard scares are there: a creepy living clown doll, a tree that comes to life and paranormal investigators that come along to help actor Sam Rockwell and his family from the evil spirits!
CGI plays a big part in the special effects and there goes the budget as we see in many Hollywood horror movies that bring the supernatural to the BIG SCREEN.

CD Review: "Sol Invictus" by Faith No More (May 2015)

The hype is real. After 18 long years, Faith No More are back with a new album called "Sol Invictus" (2015). The band reformed in early 2009 for touring and gigs. Mike Patton, Roddy Bottum, Billy Gould, Mike Bordin and Jon Hudson had put a lot to a side and made up to tour the globe, again post the 1998 break-up. The last album: "Album of the Year" in 1997 received quite a bit of acclaim and the band just went their own ways with side projects and other bands and notification. FNM had down-played rumours of reforming over the years and same went for making new music together... so, on to the new album released this week:
"Sol Invictus" the album runs just under 40 minutes and is ten-tracks long. At times, it sounds like classic FNM and even Mr Bungle (see the ever changing vocal-style on "Rise of the Fall"). Roddy uses keyboard and piano sounds to good use and melody (missing from "King for a Day..." [1995]) and the anthems are back in…

Video Game: Maxx Manic (May 2015)

My school friend, Colin has always been into games... ever since we were there! It was recently that he told me that him and some buddies (Ceirog Studios) were developing one for Android.
Game Description: Maxx Manic is a fast paced hard action game, set in a world of toys & board games. Maxx & Tic Tac, his robotic backpack, are surrounded by an overwhelming amount of BADBOONS which are after Tic Tac. Maxx has to get rid of these badboons by feeding them bananas, through an endless supply of bananas, which Tic Tac is making by using his organic 3D printer. See how long you can last in this addictive simple game. Get a Highscore and beat your friends. This is Ceirog Studios first game. ENJOY!
Features:  Free to play! High scoring. Full HD graphics. Badbboon bashing.
Upcoming Features:  Leaderboards. New game mode. Achievements.
In-app Purchase: In game ads can be disabled with a single, low-cost in game purchase.

Review: Island of the Blind Dead (Youtube Short) (May 2015)

Island of the Blind Dead (2015) is a 3 minute feature directed by Emma Dark & Merlyn Roberts. It is based on the cult Spanish horror film-series, Tombs of the Blind Dead (1972). The short was shot in St. George South, Corfu where Dark plays the bikini-clad lead as she roams the beach whilst being pursued by the BLIND DEAD in a silent, art faux trailer shot-style.
If you love Tombs of the Blind Dead, then you should dig and respect this short, put-together tribute which has over two thousand views since being uploaded in March, 2015. The zombies look just how they looked in the inspiration for this silent, art-like teaser! They are slow and creepy and couldn't help but be entertained by the campiness!

The film is also shot in a warn, 8mm-style on purpose and not influenced by anything modern in style. It's influence is old horror and slightly tongue in cheek. Island of the Blind Dead is worthy of late night viewing and worth giving a THUMBS UP on Youtube. Both, Emma and Mer…

RIP Debra Mayer: (1969 - 2015) (May 2015)

It's a sad day, there is a rumor of the passing of Full Moon Entertainment actresses passing. She played in Blood Dolls (1999), Voodoo Academy (2002) and other films. 
Director Charles Band posted the following on Facebook: "I am so saddened by the news of Debra Mayer passing away. She was a very talented actress and extremely devoted to her craft. Debra was in several Full Moon films and I have many fond memories of her excellent work in Dr. Moreau’sHouse of Pain and especially Blood Dolls. She was extremely devoted to her career and left behind an impressive body of work that many admire, and I only hope she is able to somehow observe the outpouring of love and affection for the films she was in and the characters she played by the many fans who followed her. May she truly rest in peace.".

Another friend of hers, J.R. Bookwalter also wrote on the social media site: "Stunned to hear about the sudden passing of Debra Mayer, who I first met during post-production on…