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Godzilla aka Gojira (1954) ( Review) (March 2015)

The year, 1954 saw the rise of Toho Studio films such as Seven Samurai (1954) and Gojira(1954). The latter came out as metaphoric message for a nuclear attack on Japan less than a decade before. 
A new star was about to rise in the east with a western name known as: Godzilla! Director, Ishiro Honda's Gojira (1954) is a serious look at a nuclear beast that destroys Tokyo when it rises from the ocean floor. A fishing vessel carrying a crew is destroyed in the middle of the ocean in a bright, white flash at the film's start! Evidence starts to build up that a creature or Kaiju (monster) is out there and heading towards Tokyo, Japan. Odo Island is investigated by officials where villages tell of the titular monster and prehistoric trilobites are found in giant foot-prints to where we first get a glimpse of the world famous monster peering over a hill top - sending villages and on-lookers fleeing for their lives! Godzilla does come to Tokyo - he wrecks havoc and chaos as the bad g…

Owen Tooth (Interview) ( March 2015)

Owen Tooth is an east Midlands film-maker. He has been making shirts for ten years and made the horror feature Devil's Tower (2014) - starring Jason Mewes, Roxanne Pallet and Jessica-Jane StaffordTooth was even a camera assistant on the British horror Mum & Dad(2008).
Can you tell me a bit about Devil's Tower? Devil's Tower is my debut feature film. It's a horror with a healthy dose of comedy, and it's a crazy ride. We made it on next to no budget, spending most of what money we raised on getting stars like Jason Mewes and Roxanne Pallett to act in it. It's set in a tower block where a malevolent spirit is haunting the flats and controlling the residents through their TV sets. It's out now on DVD & Blu Ray from most high street stores like HMV, plus online at Amazon etc. You can also stream it via iTunes, BlinkBox and 4oD (or Hulu if you're American).
What was Jason Mewes like to work with? Jason Mewes.... With Jay, what you see of him as Jay (as …

Review: The Haunting of Baylock Residence (2014) (March 2015)

In the style of The Haunting (1963) by RobertWise, comes The Haunting of Baylock Residence (2014). The film is shot in old-style black and white, which kept companies from picking it up for an official release I was told by director Anothny M Winson - from Nottingham. I enjoyed this film: the old haunted house-style and it's great locations and settings! It wasn't blood and gore, just old fashioned story-telling for a late night viewing!
The story takes place when Patricia Woodhouse (played by Stacey Devonport) obtains a letter informing her that her sister has passed away! Upon request, Woodhouse must visit her sister's home where ghostly going-ons are lurking inside of the old house.
The film was nominated for best horror film at the Macabre Faire Film Festival. If you like the old-school horror of the 60's, then this might be the type of film for you! Great camera angles showing dark-shadowed corridors, classic-looking actors and a build-up to some classic ghostly …

RIP: Leonard Nimoy (Mr Spock, Galvatron, etc.) (March 2015)

It's really sad that Leonard Nimoy died last month in February. His last film role was in Star Trek Into Darkness (2013) and he was an icon and known for Mr Spock in the original Star Trek series and in the films. Sci-fi fans mourned his passing and Nimoy only celebrated his life and achievements - rather than a life without meaning! For me, he was Galvatron in Transformers: The mOvie(1986) - please, see here! His voice was well suited to the evil Decepticon in the animated feature from 1986. He also played himself in The Simpsons and played in a number of sci-fi films and television shows.

God bless, Mr Spock aka Galvatron - "The miracle is this - the more we share, the more we have.", "Live Long and Prosper".

Bad Moon Production... On the Rise!! (March 2015)

On Sunday, 8th of March, 2015, myself and Guntis Brazma (for whom I met on Wasteland [2015]) were invited to London to film a bar scene in upcoming campy, horror, Indie Film: Bad Moon aka Bad Moon Rising. We were an hour late due to the underground being slightly delayed, but we got there to the set to help film a bar scene. In the bar the Scream Team (played by Dani Thompson, Angela Holmes and Loren Peta) as they were stalked and chatted up werewolf cult members out for a howling good time! The guys had to grow their stubble and beards especially for the scene!
It was a great experience to see and walk in on certain risky scenes whilst people tried to keep straight faces through all the tongue-in-cheek, campy horror/comedy action. I got a hug and a wave from Thompson, which was mega awesome and spent a few minutes talking to Holmes and her telling me that her next hair style would have streaks of red - she has a very cool, yet trendy style in her roles - hence wearing a blonde wig f…