Monday, 21 July 2014

A Trip to Birmingham for The 72 Project... "The Confusion of Tounges (2014)" (July 2014)

Birmingham had a lot to offer in July - in particular The 72 Project in which a comedy feature film was shot in those number of hours. The film, The Confusion of Tongues (2014) has an impressive cast including Gemma Atkinson & Sadie FrostPaul Wilks and myself went along to be background artists and met Joelle - a model and actress and we really enjoyed ourselves. We had to drink fake alcohol on set whilst the main cast played the pub quiz in the storyline. It was a long HOT day and I also met producer Emily Bibb on set who directed Porcelain Presence (2014) - a suspense horror film.

Meeting Gemma was amazing and she looked so well in real-life. Nobody was star-struck and just got along with their scenes. The whole film experience took three hard-working days to get complete. After TCOT was shot and edited - it got it's première on a Sunday night at a local BIG SCREEN cinema and was a success to those that watched it and bought tickets.

PLOT: A polyphonic story following a day in the life of a group of Birmingham residents before they compete for the prize money at their local pub quiz.

Actress: Gemma Atkinson.

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