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A Trip to Birmingham for The 72 Project... "The Confusion of Tounges (2014)" (July 2014)

Birmingham had a lot to offer in July - in particular The 72 Project in which a comedy feature film was shot in those number of hours. The film, The Confusion of Tongues (2014) has an impressive cast including Gemma Atkinson & Sadie FrostPaul Wilks and myself went along to be background artists and met Joelle - a model and actress and we really enjoyed ourselves. We had to drink fake alcohol on set whilst the main cast played the pub quiz in the storyline. It was a long HOT day and I also met producer Emily Bibb on set who directed Porcelain Presence (2014) - a suspense horror film.

Meeting Gemma was amazing and she looked so well in real-life. Nobody was star-struck and just got along with their scenes. The whole film experience took three hard-working days to get complete. After TCOT was shot and edited - it got it's première on a Sunday night at a local BIG SCREEN cinema and was a success to those that watched it and bought tickets.

PLOT:A polyphonic story following a day …

Sandcastle Pictures' UNTITLED HORROR MOVIE... An Interview with Sean Evans! (July 2014)

That cheeky Sean Evans is at it again! This time he is promoting an untitled horror movie in-which you can name the title through it's INDIEGOGO. There is a BIG target to go of $50k, but so far, so good and there is a chance to become a producer if you raise $500 through the funding website. Sean, of course runs Back to the Movies - a website dedicated to films and entertainment, so I thought I would ask him a few questions on the horror project and help raise awareness for the Indie Community and for that of horror fans.
How can people get the chance to name this new horror?
For people to name the movie they must donate a minimum of $1, this tiny amount gets you on the board to pitch your opinions to the film makers on what you'd like the film to be called, in addition we have 3 pre set film titles that can also be chosen should you draw a blank on a film name of your own.
What is it about? The film is about Six friends who venture to a remote island off the Washington coast to…