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Dani Thompson Interview...UK Horror on the Sexy Side! (May 2014)

Wow, here's a treat, presenting... miss Dani Thompson from London! Now, Dani is a lovely lady. She is known as a glamour model in the industry, but her career has taken another direction... in Horror! Originally, miss Thompson was born in Penrith, Australia and after modelling started her career in acting school, singing and dancing! She is a keen animal and horror lover, herself! She has four dogs and is a columnist writer for Haunted Magazine.

Her close friend is horror writer, editor, producer and promoter, Cyberschizoid as well as actress Jessica Ann Bonner. To name a few films DT has starred in, see films like Christmas Slay, Bad Moon Rising, The Undead and Serial Kaller (featuring music from my friends Doomsday Outlaw). These are soon to be released here in the UK and USA, so an international audience can see this British Scream Princess. She is also an animal rights activist. In her glamour days, she attended the premiere of Bronson (2008). 1) Who are your fav Horror Ladies…

Scooter Mum (2000)... An Independent Short by Craig Robert Young! (May 2014)

It's grim growing up in England, sometimes! In 1999, I got to be an extra on a local indie short called Scooter Mum (2000). This was right on my doorstep and I had found out about this through my work place and extras were needed. On set, I got meet and share a brief scene with Coronation Street's Alison King as she was one of the main actors.

The story centres around a single parent mod mum who must change her ways in order to keep her two children from the courts! It's pure British comedy drama with real life struggles thrown in for good measure. Craig Robert Young, the director is a local boy and is best known for the football TV series, Dream Team (1998 - 2003). He was previously a singer and drama student.

My time on set was fun and relaxed and the shots needed took two weekends! I filmed a few behind the scene backstage scenes, but sadly don't have the footage from the old video camera, any more! It was a great experience and everybody was friendly around me. Th…

REVIEW: Mr Vampire (1985)... Hopping Hong Kong Madness!! (May 2014)

If I was to recommend an obscure Kung Fu horror comedy - rarely seen by mainstream audiences - it would definitely be Mr Vampire (1985). The film stars the late, Lam Ching-Ying (1952 - 1997) who plays a vampire-busting, Priest and is aided by two comical assistants, Chin Siu-Ho & Ricky Hui. A corpse (played by Wah Yuen) has been reanimated from the dead and seeks revenge on a rich business man where Sifu (Lam) is framed for his murder by the law. It is up to Chin to free master from a prison jail where the body of the business man has come back to life as the walking dead. Now, with the law on his side, Sifu must track down the original dead corpse whilst Chin falls in love with a ghost in the village (Pauline Wong), whilst Man Choi (Hui) is poisoned by the corpse and is close to becoming a vampire himself! And don't forget about the beautiful love interest heroine, Moon Lee. Sound fun? Hell yeah!
The film is set in the old days of China where superstition and magic plays a B…

REVIEW: Godzilla (2014)... Reigns Supreme from Legendary Pictures! (May 2014)

As you might know, I am a HUGE Godzilla fan! Gareth Edwards' long awaited Godzilla (2014) finally opened on May 15/16th here in the UK and USA to a blockbuster weekend - earning the 2nd highest grossing weekend this year. I went to see it in IMAX 3D on the Friday night and have seen the mixed reactions Positive and Negative, but figures don't lie! I'm not gonna lie, either! The Big G and his scenes don't happen until the human drama/story-line stops and then some... The MUTO monsters are awesome and have a lot of screen time before a climatic battle. Techies will probably wet themselves over the visuals and amazing cinematography effects. Not to mention the huge scale monster battles that take place against monuments like The Golden Gate Bridge and other gigantic set pieces over the world.

Now, onto the minor gripes: Godzilla is very bulky! His time on the screen is short lived in scenes. His atomic beam looked like a laser, but who cares too much? Godzilla (2014) is …

REVIEW: Wasteland (2013)... by Tom Wadlow (Light Films, Ltd.) (May 2014)

Wasteland (2013) is a low budget zombie drama that was filmed in Derbyshire, England. The director Tom Wadlow had done several short films before hand and for this feature, he teamed up with Indie screenwriter, Tommy Draper. The story centres around Scott (Sham Madarbakus) and Beth (Jessicia Messenger) as two struggling lovers who meet (through flashback) and their world has gone to sh*t - via the apocalypse. Without giving too much away, disaster strikes the couple where Scott is left on his own towards the end of the movie. He meets the couple of Rachel Benson and Mark Drake (who had a small role in Game of Thrones) whilst being pursued by flesh eating zombies. Expect zombie survival drama and zombie-kills via bow-and-arrow and guns.
For the low budget, tons of unpaid extras came out to play the undead and practical effects were used with cgi blood splats and creative visual effects by Chris Newman. The wasteland surroundings look amazing for the production as a break down of the ef…