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The Redshaw brothers conjure up The Thin Man! (Interview) (January 2014)

It's been a busy year so far for Australian brothers, Bayden and Dylan Redshaw. They are fellow Youtubers who love to make movies and enjoy the horror genre. Originally, they directed their own horror shorts and are now making a number of feature lengths due to be sold at conventions in the states via their pal, Shawn Goremonger. Check out The Thin Man's Facebook Page - a feature to be released soon.

I sat down with Bayden to ask him a few questions on his features and film work that have kept him and his brother busy as of late.

Can you tell me about the Thin Man feature you are filming? "Well, it's a documentary style film, handy cam/found footage movie about a guy named Dylan, who is played by Dylan Redshaw who is also Co Directing the movie with me, his brother goes missing and his friend. due to an evil curse that was placed upon the town of Albany in the 1800s, Dylan's friend Jack was curious to explore this curse and being a curious teen he summoned the Thin…

Indie film Producer Lawrence Fleming! (Interview) (January 2014)

Having an interest in Indie movies and coming across the website Indiegogo, one name sticks out to me. It is a generous film maker who donates $500 at a time to fund movie projects across the internet and his name is Larry Fleming. He also owns 3 Dog Films and in his spare time, works and is a cosplay enthusiast and resembles Tony Stark of Ironman-fame.

How many films do you think you've funded/Produced, now (Roughly, Larry)?
"Well, the quick answer is about 150. Since my IMDB count is around 50, many don't make it that far or are small enough not to be listed. This doesn't count the ones that were part of my stock portfolio, before I started crowd funding. I guess you can tell I like producing."
What do you do in your spare time? "I have a day job as a consultant. I deal with technology and I program. This pays the way for my producing which at the moment is like having a girl friend. I pick up all the bills. I also love the outdoors, I was a Boy Scout Master …

Massimiliano Cerchi's "House of Evil - 3D" on Indiegogo! (Interview w/Sean Evans) (January 2014)

Welcome to The House of Evil - a new indie horror from 20 year horror veteran, Massimiliano Cerchi - director and producer. It is set to be in 3D and $10,000 is needed to fund the project. Also on board are actor Greg Crews, a zombie from The Walking Dead (Season 4);  Dawna Lee Heising - known from Blade Runner. I got to ask the online campaigner, Sean Evans a few questions about the new film and other topics. Sean has his own website, Back to the Movies, whilst I have a SPECIAL THANKS credit in THOE, too.
What is THOE about?
"The movie is about a couple who will buy a beautiful house only to find out that the house is a portal to Hell. Set to be shot in 3D."

How can people/investors benefit from becoming a Producer?
"You can claim some great perks including merchandise, T Shirts, DVD's a limited edition collectible figure, your name in the credits of the movie but for real investors any donation of $1000 or above will own a % stake in the movie meaning its an official…

Tempast Wulf - Welcome to the Darkside! (Interview) (January 2014)

Tempast Wulf is no stranger to the darkside, she is an actress and producer and has appeared in The Vampire Diaries and the upcoming I Thought You Were A Nice Man. Tempast also does modelling, has vocal and martial arts training. She has traveled in the past where she spent three years in German.

Tempast Wulf, can you tell myself (and readers) a bit about yourself?
I was born in Palo Alto California and spent most of my life in Carson City Nevada. I have been a model for over 20 years before digital cameras and photoshop were invented. Back then is was a cutthroat industry were the first one to show up on set with perfect skin, hair, smile and body got the job. Now a days it doesn't matter what the model looks like they can fix anything in photoshop.

Do you enjoy the modelling, too as much as acting?
I have found that I enjoy my acting career more then modeling. Being able to dive into another life and bring that person to life on set it an amazing fun ride. It offers me constant ch…