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Happy New Year from MrSheltonTV (December 2014)

Happy new year, guys... good bye 2014, hello 2015 and all! Stay tuned for more updates, interviews and reviews and have a safe time from MrSheltonTV. Cheers!

Faith No More are Back... Motherfu*kers!! (December 2014)

It was in 1998, when San Franciscan band, Faith No More broke up. However, in 2009, they reunited and in 2015 a new album is due! Here is their new, explicit single Motherfu*ker - it features vocals from keyboardist Roddy Bottum and a chorus and chants by Mike Patton, himself! FNM are due new tour dates in 2015 and UK dates including Download Festival.

Merry Christmas from MrSheltonTV (December 2014)

Ho, ho, ho!!! Merry Christmas, Guys!! This year I got The Walking Dead - Season 4 & 2015 Calender and WWEAttitude Era - Vol 2 on dvd! I hope you all got what you wanted this Holiday season and here are a few special videos I put together... Have a happy, safe Christmas and great 2015.

Waddle Meets The Christmas/Crimson Creeper!! (December 2014)

This festive season sees the loveable Watch Waddle on his way to post a letter to Santa Claus! However, with the price of stamps costing 50 Cents, we see our hero end up in The Crimson Creeper's lair this Christmas in The Watch Waddle: Christmas Special aka Watch Waddle Meets the Crimson Creeper (2014). What dastardly deeds does the masked fiend have up his sleeve for the duck this year? Find out in this animated short from YoutuberLouie S. Daidone.

GoFundMe: Bad Moon Rising - Help Me Become A Producer!! (December 2014)

Hi, guys! Happy Holidays - I'm trying to raise £100 to become a Producer and Extra on Bad Moon Rising. In return, I shall issue rewards/gifts for the charity. Please check my funding link at Go Fund Me.
Also, Please check out the Bad Moon Rising Indiegogo.

Seize the Night... A Gothic Vampire Action Short! (December 2014)

Fans of Underworld (2003) and Blade (1998) should really sink their teeth into a new Action Short co-directed and produced by Dark Morte - see, HERE for Interview.SEIZE THE NIGHT is an original British independent horror short. The film will be a high octane thrill ride influenced by the likes of Blade, Underworld, Dracula (2000), True Blood (TV Series) and Razor Blade Smile (1998). The story follows EVA (played by Emma Dark), a renegade vampire assassin, on her action filled journey to the truth. The film opens shortly after she has escaped from a secret government compound, a centre for the most nefarious biological experiments. Following her escape Eva is confronted by her life long enemy and is forced into a situation of such gravity she may have to deal with the devil she knows best in order to fight a far greater evil.
The film is to go into production in early 2015. Please, check out the Seize the Night Indiegogo. The film also stars Carey Thring and Paul Ewen. Screenplay by R…

Bed Time Stories... Christmas Edition!! (2014) (December 2014)

Tuck in extra tight this Christmas because we have another horror anthology. This time it's from Bayden Redshaw aka Baydz1 in Western, Australia. It's called Bed Time Stories and there's even a cameo from myself (The Crimson Creeper) in this special festive collection of TERROR! it's very stylish in the the way it is shot and should delight horror and short film fans, alike! Enjoy... and Merry Bloody Christmas! Pleasant screams...

Here is a lovely review from (re)Search my Trash. Thank you Mike Haberfelner!

A Christmas Story (1983) (Review) (December 2014)

"You'll shoot your eye out!" - I love A Christmas Story (1983). All that young Ralphie wants for the festive season is a Red-Rider BB gun! He tries all the best hints over narrative from his older version through out this quirky comedy from the late Bob Clark (see Children Shouldn't Play With Dead Things - Review). Ralphie has a younger, yet confused brother and a strict mum and dad about him using the word "Fudge"... "Except, I didn't say FUDGE!". Comedy ensues in school to for the kids and in the shape of bully Skut Farkus and an evil, crony sidekick.
Kids get their tongue's stuck to frozen poles, dad wins an erotic leg window lamp... it's all good fun for 90 minutes and will Ralphie get what he wished for after seeing a deranged, cruel Santa Claus at the mall?
I enjoyed the mother and father's acting in all of this. Some great performances and slapstick style comedy moments for all to enjoy. The soap in Ralphie's mouth for s…

Jessica Ann Bonner (Interview) (December 2014)

Miss Jessica Ann Bonner is a horror fan. She is a model/dancer and studied acting in college and is a former Storm Babes daytime TV presenter. Jess is the girlfriend to horror director Dan Brownlieand a number of terror films are in production. Bonner is set to produce Bad Moon Rising with actress/model/girl-pal, Dani Thompson for whom the starred in Serial Kallertogether. Other features to watch out for Jessica in are The Tombs: Rise of the Damned, The Undead, Invasion of the Not Quite Dead, Devil's Towerand Self-Induced Nightmares - Part 2.
How did you meet director Dan Brownlie? "We met on set of his first horror feature - Serial Kaller I was lucky enough to play the delightfully dopey and funny Frankie along side Dani Thompson, Suzi Lorraine and Debbie Rochon."
What was it like to work on Christmas Slay? - See, HERE.
"Crazy!! That's the honest answer! Amazing, but absolutely crazy! Everything that could possibly go wrong - did. All in the first night I might ad…

Emma Dark (Interview) (December 2014)

The nights are drawing in, the darkness is coming. Let me introduce you to Emma Dark - Alternative model, film-maker and actress from London. She interviews and networks on the horror scene such as Fright Fest and is about to make a cameo in Dan Brownlie'sBad Moon with Dani Thompsonand Jessica Ann Bonner. She also does interviews on the horror and alternative scene for her Youtube. For further details, please see her Star NowandOfficial website.
You were picked to have a Cameo in upcoming horror, Bad moon - How did you get involved?

"Yes, that is correct.  I interviewed Dan Brownlie (director of the upcoming film ‘The Tombs: Rise of the Damned’ and of course Bad Moon) back at this years Film4 FrightFest as part of my coverage for my web show ‘Frights and Delights’.  Through Dan I met the lovely Jessica Ann Bonner and Dani Thompson, both stars of Bad Moon and Dani also being the producer.  Dani actually asked me, only this week, so it’s a really nice surprise for me."
How l…

Happy 1st of December, Guys!! (Christmas is on the Way!) (December 2014)

It's December, 1st guys! Only 24 days left until Christmas Day! I hope you have been good this year and it's been a busy one. Here's to 2015 and I hope more projects and work comes in for all you movie/music and tv lot. I enjoy blogging/vlogging and doing the interviews and they shall continue... I wish you all a safe and happy one, so let's all be merry and enjoy some festive horror too and Indie films. Thank you, guys... I appreciate everything so take cares and enjoy the up-coming blogs and vlogs - subscribe: Be safe!! Be Jolly & Festive!!

Honey Holmes... Werewolves & Hair Changes! (Interview) (December 2014)

She's like a chameleon, she's actress Angela HolmesAngela grew up performing in drama group productions and dance shows then aged 16 started delivering papers around the stages at Shepperton Film Studios. After going on the gigantic & incredible sets, playing Frankenstein pinball machines with Kenneth Branagh and watching closely those performing on screen it wasn't long before Angela had caught the screen acting bug - Imdb. Holmes is also a dancer and in 2013, she landed a number of leading roles in short indie films and a web tv series No Place Like Holmes. She's even appeared on QVC tv programming as a model. Since then, she has landed herself a few roles with horror director Dan Brownlie. Her roles include the upcoming: Cute Little Buggers, Bad Moon & Girl Force.
Can you tell me a bit about your role in Bad Moon Rising?
"Of course, Hi! :-) Pip is a very spiritual being who is in touch closely with her subconscious and 'senses' and 'feels&#…

Singer Carl Batten: Tattoos & Doomsday Outlaw! (Interview) (November 2014)

Carl Batten is the lead singer for Midlands rock/metal band Doomsday Outlaw. The band was formed in late 2012 and includes members John "Ironfoot" Willis(Drums), Gavin Mills(Guitar), Indy (Bass) and Steve (Guitar). Batten is the front-man and is also a tattooist. Check out the band's website and facebook page.

How did Doomsday Outlaw come about?
"John and Steve got things started off sometime in 2012 with Gavin, and Josh on bass. I saw their advert for a vocalist and the list of influences which got me interested. I got in touch and was meant to go for a try out. John got in touch about an advert that I had online for new members for a band I had been messing about with that had fizzled out due to some of the guys wanting to stick to covers (not a fan of covers). Willis was concerned about time, commitment so I bowed out and Al Jones got the job."

"I was kicking myself the next day! My poor girlfriend had earache moaning! I rang John a week or later but I'…

LarynxXx: Nottingham Metal Band!! (A Look Back) (November 2014)

Back in 2000, I was looking to form a band on the Nottingham scene. I had met a number of music players until I had met Roy "Swampi" Beetham - a five-string bass-player. He was into bands like Fear Factory and NIN - he was into industrial metal. After some time and in late 2001, I had met a guitar player and Swampi on the scene through Doomsday Outlaw's drummer, John "Ironfoot" Willis. Later came a drummer who was willing to be the backbone to the LarynxXx machine in late 2002. The band lasted until early 2004 and they had a number of local and far out gigs including The Godless Festival (please, see below for the live show). Along the journey, a Home Video was made charting the band's adventures on the rock scene. A crowd favorite song was the track "Death Trap" in which I had written lyrics to in 2001. Rock on, Guys & Gals!! Also, check out the Soundcloud.

1) Intro - 0:00 2) D-evil's Brew - 02:10 3) Electric Funeral - 07:05 4) (…

Hitman Hart: Wrestling WIth Shadows (1998) (Review) (November 2014)

I love a wrestling documentary and this one is worth picking up if you are a Bret Hart fan! November always sees WWE - Survivor Series and it seems appropriate to talk about this film. Bret Hart is in talks with WCW and leaving the then WWF (WWE), however stronger forces are at work to prevent that in the form of Vincent Kennedy McMahon
Between 1996 and 1997, Hart was followed by a film crew in the WWF. There are ups and downs such as life, but director Paul Jay gets Bret to talk about his family and Hart Dungeon days with his father, Stu Hart. The summer of 1997 saw the Hart Foundation reunite with Bret, Owen Hart, The British Bulldog, Jim Neidhart (the father of Natalie Neidhart who turns up in the ring at one point) and the late Brian Pillman (sadly others have passed on too). It was America vs Canada in the WWE - fans were split and Bret was only lukewarm to turning Heel on his fans in the company. In the mean time, WWE Monday night rivals, WCW are out to offer Hart a better de…

I see a Bad Moon Rising... on Indiegogo! (November 2014)

The concept came when actresses Dani Thompson and Jessica Ann Bonner were filming Christmas Slay (see my Interview with Steve Davis) this year in Bulgaria. The girls were staying up late and heard the sound of wolves! The next day, the girls grabbed sound-man Danny Allen (Invasion of the Not Quite Dead) to film some nearby "found-footage" style shooting in a derelict nearby school where the werewolf horror concept was born on this project after some writing!

Can you help Bad Moon Rising? For as little as £10, you can grab yourself an IMDB Thank You Credit in the film with a video-recorded message from the set. Movie Credits also start from £100 for serious Producers and they will also go on IMDB for your resume. Please, checkout and share the Bad Moon Rising - Indiegogo Page.
Synopsis:Scream Team is a seemingly successful TV show, pretty much Towie meets The X Files. It's a structured reality show in which it's three stars Lucy, Jordan and Pip go around the World inv…

Tim "Ripper " Owens... The Man! The Myth! (November 2014)

In the early 2000's I got into the band Judas Priest and picked up JP Live in London dvd from ebay! I also obtained the Demolition (2001) cd and Jugulator (1997) album from on line after such heavy metal viewing. I must say that Tim "Ripper" Owens is the man! The guy has faced so much from critics for trying to fill Rob Halford's metal boots on two albums. Afterwards, Ripper moved on to Iced Earthand made a blinder of a concept album about Gettysburg/9/11/America in 2003 on "The Glorious Burden"
After that and leaving Iced Earth, Tim seemed on track with a new band of his own called Beyond Fear - in which I saw them Live with Anthrax in 2006. I lose track of the guy's projects and cover bands, but he keeps going strong and entertains many metal fans in the likes of Dio Disciples. The guy has a great vocal range, if not flawed slightly compared to his Idol peers in which he steps up to! Tim is all right in my eyes...
Previously, Owens was in a metal c…

Super Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghouls N Ghosts (A Retro Game Classic) (November 2014)

When I love a video game... I love it! Super Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghouls N Ghosts is a classic! It's got fantasy horror, zombies, monsters and of course ghouls and ghosts! In the summer of 2008, I played and completed the emulator version after constant re-runs on Youtube. You play as Knight Arthur on his quest to save the princess from the devil himself. It's a tough game... get hit once and your in your underwear. Get hit again and it's lights out! It's the follow up to Capcom's Ghosts N Goblins from 1985 and Ghouls N Ghosts was also a classic arcade game made to eat the quarters and money! Luckily, the Super Ghouls N Ghosts/Ghouls N Ghosts sequel, there are more magical weapons to pick up in the ghost worlds of frustration! In SGnG, you can double jump in which you after to master if your going to survive this quest! However, be warned - in each game, you have to complete the game twice by picking up a magic weapon hidden in the chests if your ever going to make it …

Bret Hart vs "Stone Cold" Steve Austin @ Wrestlemania 13 (A Retro Look-Back) (November 2014)

Blood, sweat and hate! Bret Hartvs Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 13 is a favorite of mine from in the day! Their infamous feud started around later 1996 and they had a previous match atSurvivor Series 1996 in another classic match! Hart had won the match, but the battle continued at the Royal Rumble (1997) in which Austin cheated to win! After injustice after injustice to re-capture the Championship belt (having lost it to flamboyant Shawn Michaels at WMXII) Hart and Austin met at WM13. This match was to be an "I QUIT" match in which there was NODQ and special referee Ken Shamrock (from Ultimate Fighting) was employed to keep track of the action!
This match didn't disappoint and there was plenty of Wrestling/Fan interaction drama! Hart went in as the face, but Austin was getting the cheers!

The stage was set, Austin entered the ring through broken glass where Hart didn't even get time to finish his pre-match Interview! Immediately, Austin when for Hart. At one point,…

Evil Toons (1992)... Beyond Good, Beyond Bad!! (Dvd Review) (November 2014)

Growing up I caught Evil Toons(1992) on then-cable TV in the mid-90's. It promised that it was Roger Rabbit meets The Evil Dead! It at least promises loads of over-the-top acting and lovely model Scream Queens. It stars the late David Carradine, Arte Johnson, Dick Miller, Monique Gabrielle, Suzanne Ager, Madison Stone and Michelle Bauer as Mrs Burt. Burt (Miller) has a cleaning company and hires four women to clean an isolated house. They find an old book, a dagger and a soul shred and when one of them, Megan, reads an incantation, she unleashes an evil beast in our world. - IMDB. The cartoon beast is a horny demon that likes to have it's way with the young ladies until one is left to try and stop the evil!

The Scream Queensare nice to look at... the concept isn't brilliantly executed. The cartoon monster is hardly seen and the veterans like Carradine, Johnson and Miller are there just for show! Well, what do you expect? It is a Fred Olen Ray production! It must have been…

Kookie Katana - Actress/Model (Interview) (November 2014)

Kookie Katana is very cool in my eyes! I first found out that she had worked with the lovely Dani Thompson and is a keen cosplay fan playing the likes of Lara Croft in still images (modelling). Her roles in film include ZWOS 2(2015) (in which she also was a weapons assistant on the same film) and Self Induced Nightmares (2013) with young horror fan and film maker, Antoni McVay also from Newcastle upon Tyne.
What are your favorite kind of photo shoots? "My favorite kind of photo shoot might actually surprise you, as I do a lot of lingerie, glamour and work that requires most of my body and tattoo’s to be on show but my favorite type of shoot is actually high fashion and couture work. That has always been the reason why I fell in love with modelling and I would love to do more of it."

How did you get into acting?
"I have always wanted to be an actress and make it to the big screen so when I saw a casting come up for zombie extra’s on ‘Zombie Women of Satan 2’ which was filmin…