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The Haunted (1991 TV Movie) (July 2013)

The Haunted is a 1991 made-for-TV haunted house film directed by Robert Mandel and starring Sally Kirkland who received a Golden Globe nomination for her performance. The film depicts the events surrounding the Smurl haunting. The Smurl family move into their new home on Chase Street only to find that it is plagued with three spirits and a demon. The demon wants to destroy their family and they are constantly desperate until they find the Warren family to get rid of them. The father (Jack Smurl) is played by Jeffrey DeMunn who went on to play Dale in The Walking Dead Tv series during season 1 & 2.
Cast: Sally Kirkland as Janet Smurl, Jeffrey DeMunn as Jack Smurl, Louise Latham as Mary Smurl, George D. Wallace as John Smurl, Joyce Van Patten as Cora Miller, Diane Baker as Lorraine Warren, Cassie Yates as Dorie Hayden, John O'Leary as Father Larson, Hope Garber as Aunt Lily, Benj Thall as Kid, Claudette Roche as Reporter #2, John Asher as Joe.
NOTE:I found a copy on dvdr from eb…

GODZILLA FILMS ON DVD and BLU-RAY - an updated checklist (July 2013)

GODZILLA FILMS ON DVD and BLU-RAY - an updated checklist

A Guide to every Toho Godzilla film on DVD, mainly Region 1, but if you have a multi-region dvd player, then you should check and pick these up! Check Amazon and Ebay for most titles and IMPORTANT your dvd/blu-ray player. You will find that your PC & Laptop will play Multi-Region discs, so that is a BONUS. If you are a fan, then check out this list guide I found on:

Enjoy the list of dvds!