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Happy Belated New Year... From ESME!! (January 2018)

Sorry if Esme has been a bit quiet over on this Blog, but Happy Holidays and a safe New Year!! 2017 has been hectic, good, bad and even a little sad!! Esme is only part time atm, but wants 2018 to improve and grow with success! No matter what form it takes!! Esme only came out in May 2017, so I guess call it early days, yet. It hasn't been easy!! It's been hard!! Esme does make people happy, but is Esme that happy? Esme is gorgeous, strong and an a gentle soul. She tries to set examples and good morals. She just wants to be happy again in Society and be accepted and Loved for who she is!! I just wanna wish you all a Happy New Year and Safe 2018!! Mwah x

Recent posts

Review: Santa's Little Ferrets (2014) - Directed by Alison Parker! (December 2017)

When the children won't sleep on Christmas Eve, it's up to Dad to tell the Kids a Festive bedtime story! The story of Santa's Little Ferrets (2014) - Three little furry critters that are helping Santa do his Yearly round of present giving. I love Ferrets! I love the little critters, so I naturally enjoyed this. It's fun, it's silly and any Ferret fan should enjoy it, too!

It might not be for everybody, but come on, it's FUN!! The Ferrets are well trained for it's low indie short budget and this film can be ordered on DVD, It also comes with other BONUS FERRET SHORTS and Features!! Pick it up this holiday season if you want a light-hearted laugh and watch it every year to feel warm and fuzzy inside!

Please, check the website, HERE!

CANCER RESEARCH APPEAL: Strictly... (Jessica) Messenger takes to the Ultra Ballroom!! (December 2017)

Miss Jessica Messenger is an east-midlands actress and film-fanatic! Having starred as the lead role of Beth in Tom Wadlow's Wasteland (2015), she went onto feature in many short films and become a regular @ Frightfest!! In 2018, she is looking to rekindle an old passion of Ballroom Dancing in Ultra Ballroom for Charity. It will be for Cancer Research and she is looking to raise £500 for the appeal. Good luck Miss Messenger and below is the ever so fun: Wasteland Harlem Shake from 2012. Please, Click HERE to Donate.

OUT NOW: Shin Godzilla (2016) STOMPS Onto UK DVD/Blu-Ray!! (December 2017)

Manga UK has released the mighty SHIN GODZILLA (2016) onto Dvd/Blu-Ray here in the UK. Today is 4th, December 2017 and see below for SPECIAL FEATURE Details... STOMP!! I Purchased my copy from FOPP NOTTINGHAM.

Special Features:  Pre-Visuals & Outtakes  Making VFX - Shin Godzilla Visual  Effects Breakdown  Pre-Visual Reel

Review: The Furfangs (2010) - Directed by Andrea Ricca! (December 2017)

The Furfangs (2010) is directed by a talented film-maker and Youtuber named, Andrea Ricca. I was familiar with this short film back in 2013, but didn't know he was still making his films until recently and checking out his Youtube Channel. TFF may seem like a Critters (1985) rip-off, but I see it as a Homage and way of making a low budget short film with Comedy & Heart! I loved it then, in 2013, and love it now with Ricca's creative CGI Effects!! It's that simple!!
Little, evil creatures in The Furfangs come to earth to terrorize Ricca (playing the lead role) in his home whilst trying to fend them off with everyday house-objects! Again, simple enough but executed with laughter and humor. Piperdork from Youtube also praised this film - who is a monster/horror/sci-fi fan, too.
Be sure to check out the rest of his work and short films: HERE!

Happy December... Where to go from Here? (December 2017)

Happy December, guys!! Sorry if I've been a bit quiet on the Blog as of late. Like I said in the previous entry, it's time for new creative beginnings and era shattering awesomeness. Yes, I did put a few things on hold, but now is the time going into 2018 to try and heal stressful thoughts and any Negative Feelings! I am trying, anyway. I hope you all are well and continue to follow my films(?)/life through social media. A few things are being lined up as well as conducting an Interview on Depression and Stress related issues in the near future. Below is a Poem I put together in a video... please, enjoy!

New Creative Beginnings... Thanks for Supporting!! (November 2017)

I made a new short film over on Youtube: Time Will Tell (2017). It shows that an era has come to an end, but not to worry. There are NEW Creative Ways on the Horizon, I feel in my Heart! Please, enjoy the Video. I've been told, it's a Little Sad, but Relevant in the place I am at - at this point in time! Stay Safe... MrSheltonTV.